Rating hotels in Turkey

Once on the street starts to warm up and the weather portends the coming of summer, every person regardless of position and status think about the rest. Many are engaged in planning all the details in advance for a few months, and someone solves all the issues at the last minute. However, the most important question that you need to decide is where to go? For most Russians, the most interesting and attractive option was the Turkey. There is everything for recreation – sea, warm sun and soft white sand, excellent service and very affordable prices.

Having defined with a specific place, you need to pay attention to the choice of accommodation for your stay. It is also very important because conditions in the room, amenities, additional services and even the view from the window will depend largely on the overall impression of the vacation. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the rating hotels in Turkey – let the choice will be easy and correct.

1. Mardan Palace

Mardan PalaceMardan Palace — tops the ranking of hotels of Turkey

On the first place ranking is a five-star hotel Mardan Palace – it is among the best, but one of the most expensive. What awaits the visitor? Plush interiors, luxurious rooms and gracious service. In addition, the pools at Mardan Palace are among the largest in Europe (total area of about 24 thousand square meters). Surprise guest and an unusual swimming pool with sea water and live fish. Beach sand is not local, but imported from Egypt – it does not overheat and does not stick to the body.

2. Concorde De Luxe Resort

Concorde De Luxe Resort

Hotel «five stars». To ignore it is simply impossible – main body made in the form of liner huge size. In General, the main focus of this place – a family vacation.

3. Rixos Hotel Tekirova

Hotel Rixos Tekirova

A five-star hotel focuses on family holidays. This place is very loved by the tourists from Russia, it has everything for a perfect holiday: beautiful mountain scenery, nice exterior and interior, high level of service and a great menu with a large assortment of dishes. The hotel also provides services of professional animators, so interesting leisure travelers are provided.

4. Amara Dolce Vita

Amara Dolce Vita

In this place there is a place for everyone – the hotel is open in several directions of the pricing policy. Location — pine forest, giving the place a special attractiveness and charm. All elements of the service and ambience are first class.

5. Vogue Hotel Avantgarde

Hotel Avantgarde Fashion

Features at a five star hotel weight. First, housing is located along the sea, there is also the opportunity to stay in a separate comfortable villas close to the shore. Second, it is unique to the Kemer beach — sand.

6. Fantasia Hotel de Luxe

Hotel Fantasia de Luxe

In the menu of a five star hotel you can find the best Russian cuisine, and rooms, in addition to the wonderful interior, equipped with excellent soundproofing.

7. Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa

Max Royal Belek Golf & Spa

The «youngest» hotel in our ranking, opened in 2011. Despite its youth, the hotel has been described as «excellent in all respects». Big plus – the staff is fluent in the Russian language.

8. Royal Adam & Eve

Royal Adam And Eve

The hotel interior is executed in style hi-tech, main colors – white, red and green. This is a very unique place, perfect for relaxing with friends or honeymoon. Not to mention the beautiful hundred-meter pool.

9. Rixos Premium Belek

Rixos Premium Belek

A five-star hotel focused on a quiet family vacation. It is situated in a pine forest, has an excellent sandy beach, large sizes.

10. Cornelia De Luxe

Cornelia De Luxe

The last line of the rating of hotels in Turkey is the Cornelia De Luxe, it is situated in a nature reserve. Since the Russians very often visit this place, the staff is fluent in the language. At the height of children and adult animation.

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