Rating fat burners

A lot of people face such problem as excess weight. Moreover, this problem is not just cosmetic. According to experts, the epidemic of the XXI century, it became obesity, which affects about 23% of the population.

If you belong to this category of people, you will certainly need to pay attention to their health. To get rid of excess weight will help gym and balanced diet, and, of course, fat burners. To save time we offer you to check the rating of fat burners have earned the trust of athletes.

10. NOW Foods Chitosan

Chitosan products now

Recent preparation included in the top ten of the rating of fat burners. This is a great fat blocker, lowers cholesterol and has a healing effect for injuries.

9. Dymetadrine Xtreme AST Sports

Dymetadrine Xtreme from AST Sports

The advantage of the drug lies in the fact that the fight against fat is no muscle breakdown. In addition, the structure includes a balanced complex of essential minerals and vitamins.

8. Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts Universal Nutrition

The drug consists of 28 components. Supplement works almost as well as the ECA, it is considered one of the most common.

7. Cellucor Super HD NEW

Super HD Russia new

In this fat burner in addition to effective fat-burning components still contains a complex of vitamins that are needed by the body during physical activity.

6. Shred Matrix

Shred Matrix

In 2013, many athletes evaluated this drug. It should be noted that after the estimation of thermogenic fat burner Shred Matrix earned a solid five, because with it is possible to get rid of fat even in the most problematic areas. In addition, under the action of the drug is suppressed hunger, increased energy and endurance, reduces the level of sugar and body gets rid of excess moisture.

5. B4 by BPI Sports

B4 BPI Sports

Is this fat burner only from natural ingredients. The main «trick» of the drug is the high content of the extract of Dendrobium, has established itself as a great power.

4. Adipo-X Axis Labs

Adipo-X Axis Labs

This Supplement has a distinct advantage: it contains more natural ingredients (green coffee, raspberry ketones and Forskolin). The use of the drug leads to increase efficiency, improve overall mood and well being, but the suppression of appetite.

3. SAN Tight Extreme Reloaded

Tight extreme Reloaded San

This thermogenic fat burner is a fat-burning four-phase matrix of A-Z, it does not contain ephedrine and prohibited ingredients. The desired result is achieved only with the help of biologically active compounds. The drug is suitable for both women and men.

2. Athletic Xtreme Stimulant X

Stimulants X Sport Extreme

A great analogue of ephedrine, in most cases, fat burner used by athletes is energy. The product instantly affects the fatty tissue, breaks down and transforms it into the energy needed for workouts. Not recommended to use fat burner in the evening, since the effect lasts up to 12 hours.

1. Lipo 6 Black Nutrex

Lipo 6 Black Russia

In this Supplement applies multiphase technology, which combines fast and slow substances. Simply put, the drug has several effects.

This rating of fat burners is not official, this is just a sample list of the most popular supplements in 2013 based on customer reviews.

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