Rating elliptical machines

The benefits of sports can not be overestimated, but in order to achieve the desired result, you should regularly and train. If your home will be installed orbitrek – do will be much easier. Many manufacturers of sports equipment offer a wide range of these units – trainers, are able not only to work on certain muscle groups, but also to improve the respiratory system, help to lose weight and to train the cardiovascular system.

elliptical trainer

Thanks to a fairly compact size, such equipment is easily installed in any apartment or house. Many models are equipped with computers, thanks to which you can always create your own training program and monitor its execution process.

To help you choose the cardio and deal in a wide range of such equipment will help the rating of elliptical.

Hasttings X9

Hasttings h9

Place in the ranking of the best elliptical for home he has provided the simplicity and ease of use. According to professionals, it is difficult to find a more suitable instance for those who are just starting to get acquainted with domestic ellipsoids. It is easy to use, yet functional. Adjustable handles, pedals will allow you to customize the unit to individual requirements. A high level of service and quality are the distinctive features of this brand.


  • Weight — 47 kg
  • Dvenadtsatitsilindrovy flywheel
  • Maximum load – 150 kg
  • Able to work on batteries
  • Equipped with the chest pulse sensor.



The following nominees of rating of elliptical sturdy and reliable machine. This is a semi-professional simulator, which offers a 16-step increase in the load. It mounted four heart rate controlled programs and the same custom programs. As with all the best elliptical trainer has a universal step length, convenient for every average man in the street – 40, see the apparatus very easy to assemble – can handle people without special skills.

AeroFIT E500

AeroFIT E500

This simulator will allow to equip a full fitness club at home. It will satisfy the needs of not only ordinary citizens, but also professional athletes. Even very tangible price is negligible to the ellipsoid at this level. With that heavy flywheel, reliable frame and bearings your workouts will be really effective.


  • 16 workout programs
  • Maximum load – 150 kg
  • Orthopedic step

Significant disadvantages are the weight, that leaves about hundredweight.

7658-000 KETTLER Vito M

KETTLER Vito M 7658-000

Reliable and convenient, occupies an honorable place in the ranking orbitrekom, the simulator is a bit more expensive than these units, but he is compensated rugged construction and ability to last you and your family members for many years.

  • Chetyrnadtsatiletnyuyu flywheel
  • Ride
  • Easy computer management

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