Rating dry dog food

The market presents an ample choice of dry dog food from different manufacturers. The person who recently got a dog, often not easy to choose the food, which perfectly fit his four-legged friend. Every manufacturer says that his product is tasty and of good quality. To understand this question, we made a rating of dry dog food.

Conventionally, the feed can be divided into four classes: economy, premium, super-premium, holistic.



Let’s start with the economy class. Such food is made from very low quality raw materials – soy, by-products and so on. Vitamins in it so that the pet will have to feed a complex of vitamins. Dry dog food is absorbed in the body is not fully, extended use can cause stomach problems. Sadly, it is these foods most often advertised on TV. These are the Pedigree and Chappi, which we are trying to teach advertisers.

Regarding the fodder premium, they differ from economy option a large amount of animal protein. Another difference – a lot of preservatives, enhancers smell and flavor additives, which allows the stern to look more appetizing. As for the quality of the product, it is not at a very high level – that of natural meat in it enough. Such feeds include Nutra Naggets and Bozita.


From super-premium is much better. In this dog food includes a variety of food additives, eggs, cereals, real meat. There are many varieties, if we consider the different nuances, you can choose food that suits the dog in her physical development or age. He has one small drawback – not all substances absorbed by the animal organism, but their concentration is very small. The rating of dry dog food super premium Pack includes American Eagle, canadian 1st Choice, German Bosch.

Holistic is the best quality dog food. The composition of such feed is perfect, they contain high quality components, they may have even people. Manufacturers of such products describe in detail its composition, which are always present oils, meat, cereals, and more healthy dog.


Such food include Canidae, Innova, Orijen, and others.

Choose food for large dogs


Large dogs eat a lot more small, but their metabolism is significantly slower. So they do not become too fat, you need to feed them special food – nutrient but low-calorie. Manufacturers produce a separate line of these dogs, given their physiology. Low fat, more protein, sufficient amount of nutrients to improve the functioning of warehouses. Big dog enough 400-480 calories a day, if eat less, she’ll begin to lose weight, if more – it will be fattening. The rating of dry food for dogs of large size consists of Acana Adult Large Breed, Balcando Junior Maxi

Choose food for small dogs


Small dogs are easily excitable nervous system, injury of limbs, some of them suffer from a tendency to obesity. To reduce the likelihood of such problems, companies produce the corresponding products. In such food also contains B vitamins, they help small dogs stay energetic. Nutrients will minimize the probability of obesity or dental problems. The rating of dry food for dogs of small breeds include Acana Small and Simple beauty.

Of course, to ensure that the animal always stayed strong and healthy, it is advisable to buy the best food, getting the funds.

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