Rating contact lenses

The number of people using for vision correction spectacles, the annual decrease is caused by a wide range of contact lenses. Not all contact lenses are high-quality and safe, so the buyer is quite difficult to make the right choice. What’s better: two-week lenses Oasys or Proclear lenses daily? Perhaps the products of other brands has the best qualities?

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the rating contact lenses.

1st place — Proclear Compatible

Proclear Compatible

Lenses of this brand recommends foreign specialists. Proclear Compatible is the best option for those wearing contact lenses causes discomfort. This brand also stop those who are concerned about the syndrome of «dry eye.» With these lenses eyes can breathe and all thanks to the features of the material used to manufacture them. The composition of the material used contains a lot of water, and that makes the lens soft, also not there is a feeling of discomfort in daily wear. Period use lenses 1 month, but only if they are washed daily. Contact lenses Proclear Compatible be sure to take off at night, they are stored in a special solution that is required to clean and maintain humidity.

2nd place — Acuvue Oasys

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Basis contact lenses of this brand is a silicone hydrogel that contains moisturizing ingredients. Lenses for two week wear.

Its main advantage is the large ratio of oxygen permeability, this suggests that contact lenses do not interfere with the oxygen flow to the cornea. Therefore, oxygen deficiency when wearing lenses occurs very rarely.

The main difference between lenses – soft and almost natural wetting. They are difficult to distinguish from hydrogel contact lenses, they are soft and comfortable. For this reason, ophthalmologists recommend lenses of this brand patients who used hydrogel lenses. Thanks to the moisturizing component, containing the lenses, the wearing becomes more comfortable.

3rd place — Focus AirOptix Night & Day Aqua

Focus AirOptix Night And Day Aqua

Produces these silicone hydrogel lens company CIBA Vision. Lenses of this brand are designed for both day and continuous wear no more than a month.

Lens advantages:

  • With the high coefficient of oxygen permeability among all contact lenses on the market;
  • Due to the good oxygen permeability to the cornea may continuous wearing;
  • Both surfaces of lenses of this brand are aspherical, which improves the quality of vision and increases comfort during wearing.
  • Plasma treatment made it possible to make the surface of the contact lens is smooth.

4th place — Ciba Vision

Ciba Vision

Lenses this well-known manufacturer is designed to be worn during the week. The main advantages of these contact lenses include: the preservation of the moisture balance for 24 hours and that the eyes can breathe.

Employees working on creating contact lenses for people with visual impairments which is caused by irregularities in the lens or cornea of the eye (astigmatism). The company was the first who introduced the toric lens.

5th place — Acuvue Advance

Shop In Advance

The perfect option to be worn only in the daytime. These silicone hydrogel lenses in your eyes will be a feeling of lightness and purity.

In case you want to purchase contact lenses not only for vision correction, but also to change the color of the eyes, then you will certainly need to pay attention to the lenses Tutti Premium.

All Premium

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