Rating cars «Price-quality»

To pick up the car, the optimum proportion of price and quality, is quite difficult. Because it is often a high price is just the same quality and not confirmed. To find out what kind of car meet the asking price for its quality, has held the rating of a car «Price-quality».

10th place – Chrysler


Cars Chrysler took the last line, although the majority of drivers believes that they are responsible for the cost and build quality. A lot of gasoline is consumed in the city – 11 liters on the highway smaller up to 9 liters. Criticism is caused by the size of the trunk and rustic salon.

9th place – Kia


Crossovers, Kia is a quite practical purchase, especially because the qualitative characteristics of these machines have improved dramatically, and almost do not cause censures. They are distinguished by their original appearance, but cheap plastic and upholstery spoil the experience. Often fails the fuel pump.

8th place – Mercedes-Benz


Although Mercedes is mostly done qualitatively, all the same flaws they have. Most claims to body, which is not galvanized and anti-corrosion treatment is too weak to protect the car in our climate.

7th place – Porsche


For such a nice car he’s got at least a good service. In addition, the price of «bite». Although quality running machine censures did not cause, as a fairly roomy trunk. By the way, this car is like rich ladies.

6th place – car Iveko


These vehicles are designed primarily for the carriage of cargo or large companies, that is demanded by the businessmen of the average level. But its price is far from the average, although the quality of the operation recognized by the majority of drivers positive. Cons – expensive parts and forced the purchase of new front suspension arms, which are not subject to repair.

5th place – Lexus


This luxury car took fifth place in the ranking of car «Price-quality» due to its excellent handling characteristics, which is ensured by air suspension, «cleans up» any irregularities. But little things like painted bumpers, which are very noticeable scratches, and the inclined bottom of the trunk, from which falls the content, the picture is somewhat spoiled.

4th place – Suzuki


Good ride quality that can not be afraid of bad roads, the possibility of a quiet Parking near curbs and drifts, which does not touch the bumper, good visibility, roomy interior. But the car is subject to corrosion, and adjustable steering wheel is only possible in height.

3rd place – car Seat


Most car owners agree that the quality of the Seat is consistent with the price, he has a novel design, powerful engine, excellent brakes. The car is quite roomy, but the passengers in the back seat cramped. And stiff suspension spoils the overall positive impression.

2nd place – Hyundai


For reviews of car owners to the ratio of price and quality in these cars you need to add beauty. Reliability, no vibration, excellent dynamics. But the instability on the route and location of the ignition switch, as well as criticism for the quality of plastic and a bit overpriced, according to some buyers, price, Hyundai only gave 2nd place in our ranking of cars «Price-quality», not allowing to go higher.

1st place – Infiniti


This car captivates at first sight – and appearance, and dynamics of movement, easy handling and luxury interior. Some compare Infiniti with the plane. Of disadvantages mainly great fuel consumption, but most owners do not notice it – so good Infiniti in everything else.

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