Rating baby strollers

The young parents are often faced with the question of choosing a particular things for the newborn baby. Most often, they are in a state of confusion when it becomes a question of the acquisition of a stroller. What to choose, if their number is so great that to choose one is very difficult? It is for these parents was ranked strollers 2014. It was built on the basis of data on sales of major companies.

5th place — Cavarelo Sevilla

At the last place of the rating was stroller 2 in 1 Cavarelo Sevilla, made in Poland. New product of the year, which immediately liked by numerous buyers. This is a modular stroller with a stylish new frame and warm windproof upholstery. Due to the presence on the front wheels to a special rotating mechanism, the stroller is well suited for a snowy winter.

4th place-Coletto Matteo

This line of the rating took the stroller from Poland Coletto Matteo. The model has a lightweight frame, which has a universal attachment allowing you to change the module mounted on it. Just one click and carrycot with the child turned to face you, or Vice versa — to the road. This is a special system that deploys the frame in the desired direction. Stroller is designed for babies from 0 to 3 years. Ideal for walks in winter and summer time. In addition to the carrycot and seat unit, the stroller provides car seat. And all this for relatively little money.

3rd place — Cosatto Giggle

On the third place ranking strollers, the new English production Cosatto Giggle. Stroller is a 2 in 1 for very tiny kids, it is done under the cradle, for those who are older — under pleasure. Also it has car seat and bag for mom. The stroller has a reversible and adjustable handle, vibrant colour covers and chassis, deep basket for things.

2nd place — Lonex Julia Baronessa

On the second line rating stroller from Poland — Lonex Julia Baronessa. Practical, easy, functional and very comfortable. All the fabrics that were used in the manufacture of carriages, certified. Due to the large inflatable wheels the stroller has good maneuverability. And durable straps for cushioning ensure a smooth running even at very rough road. For mom’s convenience, the handle is leather and is freely adjustable to the desired height. Lightweight aluminum frame makes the stroller light, which gives it another advantage.

1st place — Hauck Arctica

On top of the ranking was the German brand Hauck Arctica. Excellent pushchair, which is in all respects adapted to the Russian conditions — it has excellent permeability, so getting stuck in the snow fail. Well-designed dimensions you have to try to get him into the Elevator. In the package the stroller includes: bassinet with heat-insulated cotton upholstery, seat unit, grid for products, bag for mom.

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