Rating audiobooks

Audio books – precisely what you can pass the time. You can listen to this work in travel, lying in the hospital, in a place with low light, and just in any situation, when you have some free time. To make it easier to understand what is worth listening to, we made a rating of the audiobook.

Game of thrones


In the first place, we will be the series «Game of thrones». Books by George Martin talk about the heroes and lords, mages, warriors and assassins, strange creatures, turning their enemies, terror and the sword of an unusual material, capable of hitting anyone. In this story you can learn a lot, there are near tragedy and betrayal, intrigue and bloody battles – this is a great example of modern literature.



In second place classic Venedikt Erofeev «Moscow-Petushki», dedicated to the journey of an alcoholic on the train. This impressive work not just got in our ranking of the best readers of audio books are the envy of the Sec. Shnurov, reads it very emotionally.

People who play games


The genre of psychology is also very popular, the modern reader tries to understand the peculiarities of his consciousness with admirable tenacity. «People who play games» is a book by Eric Berne, a famous American psychoanalyst. This man is the Creator of the theory of transactional analysis.

Warranty men


Even the stories fall in our ranking of the best audiobooks. As you know, on any subject is a guarantee – that is, it should not fail. According to Eduard Uspensky, responsible for her little creatures that are hiding in household appliances. In his «security men» in the refrigerator lives Holodilin, and cleaner – Pilesosi, radio – the character, whose name the news of the day. This kind story will give children a lot of pleasant experiences.

The great river


When it comes to such things as the rating of audiobooks, fantasy it is always present in leadership positions. In the book of Andrew Cruz «the great river» we are talking about the intersection of worlds, where the ordinary and usual we are faced with magic and sorcery. In the centre of the book – the story of a hunter of evil, is faced with serious problems.

Harry Potter


So, seven books from J. K. Rowling still popular, and listen to the story about the young wizard performed by A. V. Kliukvina – doubly interesting. Throughout the Saga of a little boy who suddenly learns that he is a magician with a complicated fate grows into a warrior, which is neither more nor less – to save the world.

Flowers for Algernon


Another classical piece, which was written by Daniel Keyes. Tragic story, whose main character – a man with developmental delays, as a result of the experiments of scientists becomes sorgenia. But the effect of the drug is unstable and smartest man on the planet returns to its previous condition, having only very briefly at happiness. Performed Seeds Janiszewski story becomes particularly interesting.



Concludes our rating audio books «Shantaram» by Gregory David Roberts. Read Ivan Litvinov, this story is about a man whose life is suddenly derailed. He commits a robbery, goes to prison, flees from it, becomes a smuggler, meets and loses the love is very eventful piece that you can listen to in one breath. No one is surprised by the fact that she managed in the short term to get into the bestseller lists and get a lot of comparisons with the best works of the authors of the new time.

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