Rating ATV

Today becoming increasingly popular quads, which in the Russian market represented a huge number of manufacturers. And not to «get lost» in a huge range of this technique, which gives fans of extreme driving a lot of emotions and impressions, you need to know which model you should choose and what to consider. For those who are only going to buy an ATV, and decides on which brand to choose, prepared by the rating of the Quad, which, according to users, the most popular models.

1.Stels ATV 500GT

ATV Stels ATV 500GT

Starts our rating ATVs this model, which could be called budget. ATV is a double variant, which is equipped with extended wheelbase, which gives it decent stability, a raised seat, extended rear cargo area, mirrors, tow hitch, alloy wheels, mud tires and a powerful winch. In addition to the beautiful kit features and powerful engines (32,6 HP). Distinctive feature of this model is the presence of two fuel tanks, allowing the driver to calmly overcome the obstacles that may appear on the way, not thinking about the fact that there is enough gas to do it.

Stels ATV500GT is one of the most affordable ATVs with four-wheel drive. Cargo area, which is extended, not only to use this ATV for a quick fun ride, but also to exploit it for commercial purposes. Capacity Stels ATV500GT equal to 120 pounds. Thanks to the good technical properties and relatively low price (worth about 220,000 rubles) this ATV has become very popular in our country.



Despite the fact that the ATV in China, it quickly gained popularity among those who do not have the financial ability to buy a model from the category brand, but wants to experience all of these. Such a model in this case will be very helpful. You can’t call it one of the most reliable, but at the expense of a well-developed dealer network is able to receive the right part. In-class ATV is powerful enough (there is a 2-cylinder 800 cm3), has all-wheel drive and upgraded suspension can handle bumps and to ensure the stability under high speed movement. Thus, technical parameters CFMOTO X8 CF800 EFI, which can be purchased for around 365000 rubles, it is quite comparable with the top models, which cost much higher.

3.BRP Renegade 1000 XXC

ATV BRP Renegade 1000 XXC

Next in the ranking of the Quad, this should be quite expensive (costs about 890000 rubles), but a super unit with all-wheel drive and a powerful engine with liquid cooling system. The maximum speed that it can reach to, is equal to 140 km/h, which is quite high for this type of vehicle. The user can use the servo to choose depending on road conditions the best mode of steering efforts. This model is characterized by the presence of special shock absorbers FoxRacingPodiumX that can be configured under different settings. Another feature of BRP Renegade 1000XXC is the system clips the side of the tyre that allows you to keep the tyre when on high speed sharp turns are made.

4.Yamaha Grizzly 700

ATV Yamaha Grizzly 700

The Yamaha Grizzly is the most traded among all ratings of ATV. The best model of ATV for hunting were considered the model Yamaha Grizzly700 – all this for improved flotation, which allows you to drive very fast even on very difficult roads. Such permeability is ensured by the lightweight design of the bike specially developed by the manufacturer of the system On-Command. This ATV is equipped with a 686-CC engine, has four-wheel drive and electronic power steering that allows the driver to manage without any problems of this vehicle. The overall positive impression about the model, which costs about 500,000 rubles, enhanced by the high ground clearance, comfortable seats and a convenient compartment for Luggage.

5.Yamaha YFZ 450R

ATV Yamaha YFZ 450R

Fifth in the ranking of the ATV was ATV from Yamaha – YFZ 450R is the best among the sports ATVs. It is used usually for racing and driving on special tracks. This rear-wheel drive model has a dynamic design, excellent handling, a tight suspension. The ATV is able to develop greater speed and quite stable when making turns. Thanks to the special design of the engine this model off-road vehicles are able to accelerate at the starting point. At high speeds the stability is ensured due to the low clearance.

6.Polaris Sportsman 400H.O.

ATV Polaris Sportsman 400H.O.

Next in popularity is the model that has inexpensive price, however, is of relatively high quality. Its popularity is so high that the manufacturer almost annually updates this version of the ATV. Polaris Sportsman 400H.O. has a low weight and high ground clearance. Differs also by the presence of the massive chassis, the continuously variable transmission and increased engine power. All terrain vehicles can be both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. The maximum speed that the vehicle is 100 km/hour. A characteristic feature of the model is the radiator, which is higher than usual, which contributes to less clogging it dirt. Polaris Sportsman 400H.O. which can be purchased for around 300,000 rubles, reliability and durability of components. Thus, this is an excellent option in terms of price and quality.

7.Arctik Cat MudPro700

ATV Arctik Cat MudPro700

This off-road vehicle, which will cost the future owner of approximately 550000 rubles, has a high permeability, so could easily overcome the waterlogged roads. In appearance resembles a small ATV tractor, able, however, to pull a trailer of impressive dimensions. Comfortable contribute to a low centre of gravity and soft enough seat. The pendant has two energy lever and is made with a new technological items just made for active movement. Provides safety under extreme driving rigid frame. This model has disc brakes that improve handling and maneuverability of the ATV.

8.Honda TRX700 XX

ATV Honda TRX700 XX

The ATV, the price of which is about 400,000 rubles, is one of the best all-terrain vehicles to overcome the terrain. It has high ground clearance, powerful engine and quality suspension. In General, this is ideal for those who wish to drive at high speeds on any terrain, including it is possible also to take part in races on difficult tracks.

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