Rating «anti-Theft system for automobiles»

Just last year Russia had exported more than 90 thousand cars. Therefore, every car owner knows how important it is to leave your car on the street with full confidence that nothing will happen to them. For this purpose it should be equipped with modern means of protection, and our rating «anti-theft system for automobiles» will help you with this, teach with the best.

1 StarLine

STARLINE d94StarLine D94

The winner of the rating systems for vehicles, «ul’trastar» has been manufacturing systems for over a quarter century. Their range of mechanical and satellite «protivougonki» of the last generation. Model D94 GSM/GPS was originally developed for off-road vehicles in extreme conditions, but it can also be used on other cars. Signal interference-free is transmitted to 2 km, and the unit can work autonomously up to 2 months.

The system consists of a GSM/GPS module connected to the tracking system — on a special website you can see a car and track movement. The owner manages the alarm system, can start and stop the engine, and lock the moving parts on the body.

128 bit encrypted control code eliminates cracking using brute-force code-grabber. And the gauge strikes will mark the evacuation or jacking of the car.

2 Pandora

Pandora DXL 5000 newPandora DXL 5000 NEW

Another domestic development with AutoPlay, this time created in Kaluga.

Popular model Pandora DXL 5000 NEW is not cheap, but effective. GPS/GLONASS module with two satellites determines the location of the car and communicates via radio with a range up to 2 km Control and monitoring the car by mobile via apps.

In addition to the standard functions (engine, coordinates auto) the system will check the condition of the battery. The triaxial accelerometer will respond not only to touch, but any change in space. So when you try to evacuate the car, you will immediately receive the signal.

The menu has many additional protective functions: immobilizer with contactless labels; same blocking relay, the «active protection» through the in-car microphone.

3 MS Griffin

MS GriffinMS Griffin

Company Magic Systems in St. Petersburg for more than 10 years of experience in developing such systems is the theft deterrent system luxury. It combines an alarm with dialog code, immobilizer and GSM/GPS is connected to its own service.

The authorization code eliminates any selection with code-grabbers. Self-contained power supply enables the system to work up to a year without a battery and a radio transmitter with a range of up to 3 km, will give the signal for a few seconds.

Additional label Immobiliser will not start the car or open the hood with a simple lifting of the thumb guard (and such labels can be any number).

4 Sheriff

Sheriff ZX-1095Sheriff ZX-1095

The maximum price of the company’s products Pit — 10 thousand rubles. For the money you will receive the standard set of functions with 6 service channels. The only thing the company produces a model with dynamic encryption of the signal.

Sheriff ZX-1095 — Autonomous alarm system worth up to $ 100, lightweight and easy to use (all the settings you can program yourself). In the destabilization mechanism of protecting the owner opens a window on the stick, so he could change the encryption or security installations. Protection measures are not limited to the door lock — the host can use the keychain to control all the system up to the engine.

5 Scher-Khan

Sher-Khan magicar 11Scher-Khan magicar 11

This brand is known multi-level protection systems are compatible with virtually every car (worth up to 20 thousand rubles). The company’s production facilities are located in South Korea guarantee a good price and 5 year warranty.

Sales leader, Scher-Khan magicar 11 is a high — tech device that is able to resist all the cunning tricks of burglars. It can be used not only to start the car, warm it in the winter, but also to receive real-time information about the status of the machine. The system has user-friendly interface and attractive design with a two-kilometer range.

6 Jaguar

Jaguar ez ultraJaguar ez ultra

Model Jaguar ez ultra is a two-way system with immobilizer, the performance of which is only a third of a second. 7 independent zones of protection and silent mode activation and deactivation) security modes. Installing the module Bilarm GPS/GSM, you can control the car from anywhere in the world.

The alarm system supports cars with key «start-stop». Keychain with TFT screen, which is enough for six months of work.

Installation only by specialists.

7 Tomahawk

Tomahawk TZ-9020Tomahawk TZ-9020

Tomahawk TZ-9020 is a one sided system for a budget price, with a communication range of 1 km, corresponding to diesel and gasoline engines. Keychain with color display, retains all its settings when power is removed. The alarm is equipped with impact sensors.

Great attention is paid to the possibility of blocking relay (the host can start or stop the engine at a distance). Personal coding of the signal selection eliminates the usual code grabber.

8 Magnum

Magnum 880GSMMagnum 880 GSM

Alarm on budgetary and average prices, but with excellent efficiency. Through affiliate programs with engineering innovations China the Ukrainian company boasts powerful enough alarms for a reasonable price (up to 20 thousand rubles)

In alarm Magnum 880-GSM is voice sensor control via mobile —you can warm up the engine or turn on the air conditioner. The machine is able to warn of the dangerous object near the body.

The GSM system allows to cover all the details in the back of the cabin, using 21 zones of protection. View information and driving the car you can even from another city (for example, turn the motor to not burn out the battery).

The disadvantage is configured to Ukrainian SIM card, and in Russia will need to use navigation.

9 Alligator

Alligator cm-30GCAlligator cm-30GC

Alligator cm-30GC this alarm system with two-way communication (range up to 2 km) and 7 independent zones. There is protection against scanning and interception, and also start the engine remotely. Immobilizer, disable the protection in stages, the mode «panic» — the ability of this «anti theft protection» is quite wide at low cost.

No CAN adapter is not suitable for modern cars.

10 Spirit

Spirit 37MVISpirit-37MVI

Spirit-this is 37MVI immobilizer, protected from the selection of the code, the authorization host via the button, a powerful siren and an increased number of Pins.

The system is controlled using a special key Dallas that can’t be copied.

The disadvantage of multi-stage programming procedure.

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