Rare coins of modern Russia

Many do not even think about the fact that the coins that lie in their wallets, can cost a lot of money. And only real collectors «chase» for the most valuable and rare coins for collectors are willing to pay a fortune. Let’s find out what rare coins of modern Russia and Tsarist Russia times can have a hefty price.

What coins of modern Russia are rare?

50 cents 2001

The rarest Russian coins – these coins, a limited edition beginning in 1997, These coins can be found even in your own piggy Bank, having absolutely no idea what value they are really evaluated. For example, a relatively rare considered to be 50 kop., 1 RUB and 2 RUB, minted in 2001. However, it is believed that this year such a coin was not produced, but they periodically met to handle. So, if you find a coin with this face value, then it can sell it at a price no less than 100,000 RUB.

5 rubles 1999

One of the recognized rare coin 5 rubles., dated 1999 In our time «spinning» in use only one such coin. And if you suddenly popping out another such instance, collectors are willing to buy a coin for 200,000 rubles.

1,2 and 5 hryvnia coins that date back to 2003 and labeled the Saint-Petersburg mint, are found in circulation more often, however, also considered rare. Sell them, you can get a few thousand.

1,2,5 rubles 2003 SPMD

The most rare Russian coins is coins that are not marked with the mint. So, for example, is 5-penny coin, minted in 2002. It is not labelled with a mint, it is valued at 4000 rubles.

Major rare coins of modern Russia

The list of such coins includes the following (the year of issue, mint and approximate cost):

1)RUB 5 – 1999 MMD, 250000 RUB.

2)50 kopecks 2001, MMD, 120000 RUB.

3)RUB 1 – 2001, MMD, 100000 RUB.

4)RUB 2 – 2001., MMD, 100000 RUB.

5)1 RUB. – 2003., SPMD, 20000 RUB

6)RUB 2 – 2003., SPMD, 13000 RUB.

7)5. – 2003., SPMD, 12000 RUB

8)RUB 1 – 1997., MMD, with a wide edging was 8000 RUB.

9)10 kopecks. – 2001., SPMD, with transverse folds on the cloak of St. George, was 2000 RUB.

10)5. – 2002, without specifying the MD 5000 RUB.

These prices are only approximate. The cost of coins will be affected by many factors such as how great the degree of its sound. But on the auctions it is possible to realize a rare coin at a better price.

Commemorative coins are also rare

Commemorative 10-ruble coins can be sold for 10000 rubles

Commemorative coins, which were issued as a commemorative, are limited edition. For example, the 10-ruble «Perm Krai» issued in 200,000 copies. And you can sell it for about 3000 RUB 100,000 copies issued coins of the «Chechen Republic» and «Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug» which can be sold from 5000 to 10,000 rubles.

Rare coins of Tsarist Russia

1 kopeck 1726

And on rare old coins value can be up to 2000000 RUB In how much you can sell, for example, copper penny 1726. It has a square shape and size 23h23 mm square Copper penny minted at the Ekaterinburg mint. At the Moscow auction this coin has left the coin collector over 2000000 RUB.

Another rare coin tsarist times considered 1 RUB. 1705., due to the shortage of silver was peretekanie of the Polish Thaler. In our time at the auction was sold a coin for 1500000 RUB.

25 rubles 1908

Rare is the coin 25 rubles 1908. It is made of gold that was found in the early 20th century in Siberia. Nikolayii wanted to give the 25-ruble coin for his family and friends during the celebration of his birthday. One of the coins purchased a coin for 1900000 RUB.

1 rouble 1730 rock

Another of the rare is considered to be 1 RUB 1730g. In such people the silver coins were called «Anna with a chain» for the damage on the obverse the image of the Empress. In our time, aware of the existence of only three such coins – one sold for $ 700,000 in 2007.

Rare around the world

The Constantine ruble

And the rarest coin in the world – the Constantine ruble, the history of which a lot of rumors that Russia never ruled Constantine. Among researchers there is a theory that during the minting of coins just made a mistake. However, there is a version that released the coin in the calculation for the coronation of crown Prince Constantine, who abdicated the throne in favor of Nikola. This coin and sold with auction for 100,000$.

How to sell rare coins?

2 rubles 2001 the rock

If you happen to find a rare and expensive coin, do not rush to bring the beauty and cleaned. Unprofessional cleaning can significantly reduce the value of the coin. Better to photograph the coin and put it on a dedicated forum to learn more the actual price. Maybe you’re lucky and you can get a lot of money for a rare coin that was in your piggy Bank.

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