Ranking the world’s airlines for security

For people who often use the services of airlines, it is important to know which one is best in terms of safety and comfort. For them, the Bureau for the investigation of aircraft accidents in Germany has made a rating of airlines for security.

10th place – Qantas Airways

Quantas Airways

The second oldest of all the world’s airlines. The departure of the first aircraft occurred in 1922. At the moment, is the largest and most powerful in the whole of Australia. The main office is located in Sydney. The company’s aircraft flying to 144 destinations around the world. Qantas Airways is one of the few airlines that sell their shares on the stock exchange ASX.

9th place – Air Canada

Air Canada

One of the largest airlines of Canada, which began in 1937. There are flights to more than 170 destinations (in General, 5 continents). Air Canada is a founding member of Star Alliance system.

8th place – Etihar Airways

Etihar Airways

The company is AOE, which launched its first flight in 2003. In the presence of about 66 aircrafts, which serve nearly 90 destination Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Asia. The main office is located in Abu Dhabi.

7th place – TAP Portugal


The airline of Portugal, which today is one of the most powerful. Its base is located in Lisbon, Porto to Lisbon Portela. Was founded in 1946, and since 2005 is part of Star Alliance. In 30 countries, has about 65 airports of the network TAP. Per day the company operates more than 1600 flights, most of them in Brazil.

6th place – British Airways

BRTS Airways

The airline is part of the aviation Alliance Oneworld. Began Its work in 1974 and is currently listed as one of the national airlines of the UK. British Airways has the youngest, but at the same time, and the largest Park of machinery throughout Europe.

5th place – EVA Air

Eva air

The second airline by number of aircraft in Taiwan. Was founded in 1991. During the day, flights to Asia, Europe and North America (more than 55 destinations). For the year, the airline is able to serve more than 6 million passengers. EVA Air is one of the first companies that introduced service premium economy.

4th place – Emirates


Beginning work in 1985, so the company is one of the youngest and comprises a total of 200 airplanes of several brands. The main base is located in Dubai, where it takes almost 40% of all air travel. In addition, the flights are carried out in 130 cities and approximately 60 countries.

3rd place – Finnair


Airline of Finland, has a leading position and was founded in 1924. The base is located in Vantaa (city). 1963 is worthy of the title of the most safe airline in the whole Europe. There are flights to 22 destinations domestic traffic and 50 international.

2nd place – Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways

The main airline of Hong Kong, established in 1946. Daily from the international airport in Hong Kong in many areas of the world operate flights to more than 110 flights. The transport of both passengers and cargo. Cathay Pacific Airways is among the six airlines that have a five-star Skytrax rating.

1st place – Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

The company is unique – the only planes you can fulfill the dream of many to fly the aircraft the entire globe. It exists since 1940 and now produces more than 26 daily flights outside of New Zealand (that is where its main office) is about 27 flights within the country.

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