Ranking of world universities

Thanks to the work of QS Quacquarelli Symonds, we are able to offer the ranking of world universities. Here are the best educational institutions. They were determined based on a set of certain conditions, including:

  • Credibility in research activities;
  • The ratio of lecturer to students;
  • The reputation of the institution among employers;
  • The citation index;
  • The share of foreign students and teachers.

This study involved a significant number of universities in the world were noted and twenty Russians.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT

Opens a rating of the best universities in the world Massachusetts Institute of technology. This is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions around the globe. It has been more than one hundred and fifty years since the Institute was founded, but he still adheres to the mainstream – the relentless expansion of knowledge in the field of technology, science, and related scientific areas. And all the knowledge passed down from generation to generation. The Institute’s mission is in serving not only the U.S. but also around the world.

Among the graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of technology: 80 Nobel prize laureates, more than 50 have become the winners of the National medal for contribution to science, over 40 wear the title fellowship of the MacArthur Foundation, about 30 were winners of the National award in the field of technology and innovation. The Institute consists of College and five faculties, possess high ratings – Faculty of Engineering and School of Management Sloan. The strongest programs of the Institute are: Economics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, psychology.

Annually spends more than $ 650 million on research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Finance the activity of state agencies.

Last year the cost of education at this University was just over 43 thousand dollars (for 9 months). Add to this sum about 13 thousand dollars for accommodation and meals and don’t forget the 3 thousand dollars for textbooks and personal expenses.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT

Operates a system of financial assistance – it guarantees the availability of education to those candidates who meet the requirements for admission. The amount of this benefit is calculated from family income of the student. Therefore, a student whose total family income does not reach $ 75 thousand, the Institute guarantees full financial support, thereby giving the student the opportunity to study for free.

If you want to go to this University, not only to pay attention to only the highest ratings, you need to lead an active extra-curricular activities personal achievements and interests are also taken into account when considering the application. The first thing you need to do to get ready for serious work, the second – to revise knowledge and lessons that may be of interest of the University.

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

In the ranking of world universities regularly occupy the top places in Cambridge. It is the second oldest University in the UK, leading its history since the thirteenth century. It was formed by a handful of scholars left Oxford, have contributed to a conflict situation. Those Cambridge students who had become his first students, studied theology, but her philosophy, mathematics. Paid attention to logic and language. Over time, the list of languages Sciences expanded.

The old building of the University of Cambridge built in the early 13th century, and Peterhouse that still stands today, was built at the end of the same century. Now the University has over thirty colleges.

University of Cambridge

This University gave the world the greatest number of Nobel prize winners. From walls of this institution were such people as Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon. Graduates of Cambridge have established themselves as experts in the exact Sciences and medicine. Here he taught, engaged in research activities Rutherford, N. Bohr, Oppenheimer.

Exact science is not the only discipline, which glorified the Cambridge senior politicians were trained within these walls. Writers, including Vladimir Nabokov, who wrote lolita was educated at Cambridge.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Which year world ranking of the best universities in the leader shows that the leader — Imperial College London. The main focus of which became – science, medicine, engineering. The students of this institution not only can get a high quality education, but also to plunge into the incredible life of England’s capital city.

Imperial College London

The University was founded over a hundred years ago and for that age-old story of the walls of this institution came the legendary figures of science and art.

To the basic faculties of the undergraduate level include:

  • Engineering;
  • Medical;
  • Natural Sciences;
  • The business school of Imperial College.

The property of the University 9 campuses, which are located in the English capital and its suburbs. The close location of bus stops, metro stations and railway station Paddington station, making the school easily accessible.

University of Harvard

Harvard University

School the United States with a long history. To produce about forty Nobel laureates. To graduates of the University include: Theodore Roosevelt, George Bush, the current President of the United States, Benjamin Netanyahu, Antonis Samaras, bill gates, mark Zuckerberg and other prominent figures.

Harvard offers its students a unique educational experience, but a scholarship, which receive more than half of the students. The University is comprised of dozens of Autonomous departments and the Institute for advanced study Radcliffe.

Currently one teacher has seven students. The majority of classes is small, numbering no more than twenty groups. If you are interested in tuition, then calculate the amount you will have to pay for the year on the site of Harvard College.

University of Oxford

University of Oxford

This University was founded in the late eleventh century is the oldest educational institution of not only the UK but also across Europe. Now students of Oxford by a quarter composed of foreigners. Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford – these institutions occupy a leading position in the ranking of the best universities in the world already not the first year.

Once in Oxford you will be part of the academic life of the oldest University, immerse yourself in an unusual world with its well-established and distinctive traditions. Enrolling in Oxford, you and other students will have to undergo a special rite to say before the Chancellor the oath of the student. Be aware that you will not be allowed in certain establishments, if you without special clothes — a dark suit, a gown and a cap with four corners, one of which is crowned by a tassel. After the training, you have to go through another procedure in it you will recite the oath in the old language and withdraw the old robe and put on the new. All solemn events are held in the Sheldonian theatre, which stands here for centuries.

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