Ranking of tillers

Even if you’re not busy farming, but your possession of a parcel of land with a house, you will still thinking about purchasing tillers. After all, it will greatly facilitate the work on the ground and will allow you to keep your grounds in good order. And the choice of a model will help the rating of the tillers where they are allocated according to its technical characteristics and popularity among users.

10th place – behind tractor Hyundai T900

Hyundai T900

The gasoline engine with reverse mode with a capacity of 7 HP, runs manually, is cooled by air. In this case, 6 mills will treat the soil at the desired depth and will take from 90 cm Moves with a transport wheels, protected by a special barrier against the ingress of vegetation.

9th place – walk-behind VIKING HB 585


Motor 3 HP, runs on gasoline, gives reasonable power, but to advance it will have to push. The maneuverability of walk-behind tractor provides the reverse speed and the transport wheels plus handle is rotated to the side. Captures 85 cm of soil.

8th place – walk-behind CHAMPION BC6712


Engine (gasoline) manual start with air cooling and a power of 6.5 HP, has a two-stage gearbox allows you to handle 85 cm of soil with a depth of 35 cm On the cultivator you can put additional attachments.

7th place – behind tractor Hyundai T1100

Hyundai t1100

Petrol engine 7 litres .with. with chain transmission, has a torque of 95%, with three travel speeds, including reverse. The two-wheel tractor has large wheels, among them transportation, and lights, allow you to work at dusk. Captures 90 cm of the soil.

6th place – walk-behind Craftsman 29802

Craftsman 29802

Gasoline engine with manual start and air cooling has a capacity of 5.5 HP, but the cultivator is not self-propelled. It is equipped with transport wheels and can be equipped with additional equipment. Captures 61 cm of soil and can handle plots with an area of 2.5 thousand sq. m.

5th place – behind tractor SunGarden T 250 F

SunGarden T 250 F

The top five leaders in the rating of tillers closes SunGarden T 250 F manual four-stroke engine (petrol) with a capacity of 5 HP Move thanks to transport wheels, protected by a special fence, grab a can of 58 cm of soil.

4th place – walk-behind Prorab GT 100 RDK

Prorab GT 100 RDK

Four-stroke diesel engine 10 HP overload protection, has a locking differential and reverse. Reliable design with side handle, which is adjustable, enables the capture of soil at 80 cm depth with a small — 18 cm

3rd place – cultivator MTD T/240 B 500

MTD T/240 B 500

Four-stroke gasoline engine with manual start has a capacity of 5 HP, worm gearbox with cone clutch but no reverse. The height of the arm can be adjusted, she turns to the side, has transport wheels and a special fence. Captures 56 cm of soil.

2nd place – tillers Caiman VARIO 60S TWK+

Caiman VARIO 60S twk+

Reliable design with four-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine and a three-stage transmission that has reverse gear. Have transport wheel and the ability to install various accessories. Can capture 90 cm of the soil.

1st place – tillers Prorab GT 80 RDK

Prorab GT 80 RDKProrab GT 80 RDK — first place in the ranking of tillers

Diesel self-propelled walk-behind tractor with four-stroke engine manual start and 8 HP has overload protection, locking diffs, reverse. Additional convenience create lights, height adjustable and pivots to the side arm. Ease of use, additional equipment allowed Prorab GT 80 RDK to become the leader in the ranking of the tillers.

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