Ranking of mixtures for infants

Mom’s milk is what is needed to each new little man. Does not exist in the world something more balanced and perfect for baby. In milk there are mineral nutrients and a complex of vitamins for proper growth and development of baby. Within six months, breast milk will be enough to saturate the growing organism, and only after the expiration of six months after the birth of a baby it is necessary to diversify the diet.

But it so happens that not all moms have the opportunity to feed the baby their breast milk during the required period of time. The cause can be several factors:

  • the absence of milk;
  • the need to work;
  • the medical testimony.

In this case, to help cope with food baby can formula milk. A lot of them, and to help you deal with what you need it for your baby, we offer you the top mixture for newborns. Of course, to completely replace mom’s milk they are not able, but to help satisfy your baby’s hunger they are quite capable. In addition, producers are working on the quality of their products and strive to bring the composition to natural. For baby every parent wants only good and baby food is no exception. It must be safe and of high quality. The rating of infant formulas based on expert opinions of specialists. It is possible that he will be the starting point when selecting a power supply for a newborn.



This product opens our rating of milk mixtures for babies — it holds top positions in demand among buyers. These products, which are produced Nutricia trust as parents of kids with good health and with various disorders. The range of products rich in range. Each series is different composition, the development start to age and little consumers, and existing health problems. Every pack of Nutrilon you are opted, you know that the package contains a mixture aimed at strengthening the immune system, preventing colic and the formation of gases, promotes the harmonious growth and development of the newborn, and in General has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the digestive tract. In conclusion, I would like to note is not the lowest price segment of the market of formula milk — per pack will have to pay from 280 to 860 rubles, the price depends on the type of product and the form in which it arrives on the shelves.



The following product of which will tell you the ranking of the mixtures for infants, is available for children of all age groups. To us on the shelves, he came from Switzerland. The range of products provides consumers with lactose-free and hypoallergenic mixture so that they are able to satisfy the hunger not only healthy chubby but also children who are prone to allergies. The producers took care of the immunity of the child, introducing the child nutrition vitamin complex. Nan should be used only as a lure, but as a staple in the diet of the child.

  • substances contained in the mixture have a beneficial effect on the immature digestive tract;
  • protein component responsible for the growth and development of the baby;
  • a vitamin will enhance the immunity level of the child.

One pack of this product is from 340 to 650 rubles, the price varies depending on the selected view.



A respectable third place in our ranking baby formulas for as are milk formula company Nestožen. This product descends from the conveyor of Switzerland and is designed for those children whose health is not in doubt. They have gradation in five steps, each of which corresponds to the needs of a certain age interval. Each pack contains Nestožen the required amount of vitamin and minerals that the baby receives the necessary for the harmonious growth and development. According to the manufacturer, the baby will not know the problems with digestion, if his parents trust the products of this Swiss manufacturer. Chemicothermally a pack of formula milk sold at a price of 260 rubles.



This domestic production is addressed to children from the very childhood. It is based on cow’s milk, enriched with vitamins, prebiotics and minerals This product does not contain sucrose, and carries everything necessary for the harmonious growth and development of young members of society. Nutrilac took care of those kids who suffer from food allergies, manufacturers are producing cot baby food. The standard pack costs 170 rubles.



This baby formula is manufactured in Germany. The range of products provided five series, each designed for a specific age newborn. The manufacturer took care of the children prone to allergies and those born prematurely. In the composition of Humala to find no odor, no preservatives. It is made from skimmed cow’s milk, enriched with vitamins and prebiotics. Recommended for children who are contraindicated the use of fructose, gluten and sucrose. Polukilogrammovy pack Humala is about four hundred.



Products of German manufacturers deserves the fifth step of the rating of infant formula. It is designed to meet the needs of children of different age groups. Humana gentle on the digestive tract of the baby contributes to the formation of the immune system and can be used as a preventive remedy for the risk of food allergies. Trehsotmetrovoy a pack of HIPP is worth three hundred and fifty rubles.



This domestic manufacturer also offers children over six months of dry mixes, and for those who are just born liquid. The range Agushi two types of power supplies: to begin the introduction of feeding is recommended with fresh mixtures, and after – milk. Food for toddlers is convenient to use due to the form issue – small packages of ready to eat, they should be only warm. There are special series, produced by no omega-3 fatty acids, biotikos, iodine and nucleotides. Usually are available packs weighing 400 grams. The cost varies in price range from 300 to 450 roubles.



Another representative of the Russian production takes the next place on our list. Baby is very love moms at the expense of affordability and excellent quality. In this formula you can find all the necessary ingredients for harmonious growth and development. Like its worthy competitors, the composition does not contain preservatives, dyes, GMOs, and sugar. A pack of 350 grams costs about 250 rubles.

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