Ranking of hair dyes

Find the perfect coloring composition for hair is very difficult. Most often, the discrepancy between the pictures on the packaging with the real outcome is due to the fact that women do not take into account the texture of your hair, condition and original color. It is very important to choose the most gentle option, and in this case, any professional paint will give 100 points ahead of the usual store, as it is more safe and stable. Therefore, our ranking of hair dyes is based on the benefits of hairdressers around the world.

1 L’oreal Professionnal

A well-deserved first place in the ranking of hair dyes. Her innovative shampoo composition with a rich palette, able long to keep pigment in the hair. So a few weeks you are guaranteed to look like just came from the hairdresser. In the composition of the alkaline dye of new generation with a guarantee of lightening two shades. Even on a dark base, you can achieve great results and for grey coverage you need in just 20 minutes. The price of the paint medium, which further adds to her points in the rating. Many women say that the vividness of the colors even on darker shades.

The brand has a whole series of inks for very damaged hair. And specially for blondes there is a category Majiblond, hair lightening a few shades.

L'oreal Professional

2 Estel Professional

The keratins in the composition of oils nourishes the hair structure from the inside, providing long-lasting color. Many shades for every taste, which can be mixed to obtain new tones. Not liquid, fragrant and uniform texture, which is distributed throughout the hair. In Essex good price for a professional paint and its easy to buy in the free market.

Estel Professional

3 Kapous Kosmetiks

More than 100 shades palette is able to satisfy any woman. It is a natural radiant playful shades, which can be achieved without the use of ammonia. In the ink composition contain extracts oils that deliver deep hair coloring. Hair after bleaching does not dry, and vitalisierung silk is able to provide protection from sunlight. The only negative in the sale of this brand is not available in all specialized stores and hair salons.

Kapous Cosmetics

4 Wella Professionals

Series Illumina Color — bleaching powder paint on an oxygen basis, which has won many fans. The main motto Wella: «healthy color», designed to preserve the vitality and Shine of hair and also softness, Shine and silkiness. The color lasts from three weeks. All women say that full compliance with the final color that was on the layout and brightness. Layman is difficult to understand that it’s dyed hair. Coconut extract creates a special film that coats the hair. Of the shortcomings — relatively small range of colors where most attention is paid to blondes.

Wella Professionals

5 Schwarzkopf Professional

Igora paint does not contain ammonia, soy protein and Orchid extract, gives hair softness and Shine. Its major customer is the master-colorists hairdressers, who can choose from pure white, emerald green or Navy blue. Other advantages of means — efficiency, even when the balm is enough for long hair and pleasant smell.

Schwarzkopf Professional

6 Syoss ProNature

Professional paint with a large palette of colors, which can be used at home. The composition of uniform consistency, well placed on the hair and does not drip. The complex of vitamins with oils, gingko, and aloe Vera ensures gentle coloring, protects the hair. There is a special series of ProNature, consists of 12 shades, with a low content of ammonia.

Shampoo Syoss ProNature

7 Chi Ionic Permanent Shine

Resistant hair dye without ammonia and parabens meets all the requirements of professionals. All shades with natural pigments, are best suited for dyeing, bleaching the strands gently. Fashionable, beautiful, soft, luxurious — any will find the right color. After dyeing, the hair becomes soft and easy to comb.

Chi-Ionic-Permanent Shine

8 Londa Professional

Creamy texture paint is well distributed over the hair. Color resistant, able to withstand up to 25 rinsing. Microcapsules Vitaflection penetrate into the hair structure, nourishing it from the inside. The paint is saturated with lipids, making it not only colors hair but also make them better.Grey hair is covered perfectly and permanently, and the many shades of (91) provide an opportunity for every woman to find your perfect color.

Londa Professional

9 C:EHKO Color Explosion

German paint is good quality at a reasonable price. Over 100 colours promise 100% filling. Composed of almond proteins and keratin, why is the structure of the hair are getting better.

C:EHKO Color explosion


One of the safest paint for sensitive scalp from the German manufacturer. 100% hypoallergenic and relatively inexpensive. And consistency is economical, does not leak and fits well on hair. Smell good when painting and afterwards. The color lasts more than 3 weeks. Perfectly removes the yellow on light hair.


Our rating of the color can tell you what a professional structure on the Internet is the most popular. But most importantly, to fit your skin type. And then you’ll turn into the most dazzling beauty with a bright MOP of hair.

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