Ranking of graphics cards

Without a video card not to have a full computer. It forms the image on the monitor screen. Your computer requirements will directly affect the choice of graphics card.

You can not determine the choice? In this case, the ranking of cards will help you make the right decision.

1. Radeon HD 7990 — first place in the ranking of graphics cards

Radeon HD 7990

Graphics card based on two Tahiti GPUs that are made for 28-nm process technology. Processor frequency in contrast to the single-chip accelerator is reduced to 850 MHz. In addition, the new models fast and less memory is 1250 MHz. Physically, the GPU remains the same as in the market model: 2048 stream processors, 128 texture units, 32 ROPS and memory bus of 384 bits. Each GPU 3 GB of memory, giving a total of 6 GB of GDDR5 memory.

2. GeForce GTX 690

For the GeForce GTX 690

Duchcova graphics card from NVIDIA – one of the leaders in the production of «video hardware» for the PC. The novelty is developed on the basis of two GPU on 28-nanometer manufacturing process with the architecture of Kepler.

Characteristics of the accelerator include 3072 cores CUBA. According to the manufacturer, this card is several times exceeded a uniprocessor accelerator.

Core clock – 915 MHz expandable up to 1019 MHz. Video card equipped with 4 GB of memory at a frequency of 6 GHz. The teplopaket GeForce GTX 690 is 300 watts, and typical consumption is 263 watts.

Power is supplied via the additional connectors. Together with the tyre they supply power to 375 watts, and it says that there is a small margin of acceleration.

3. GeForce GTX Titan

The GeForce GTX Titan

New model from Asus, with the help of digital entertainment taken to the next level. The 2 GPUs and 12 GB of memory provided quick work of the graphics card.

GeForce GTX Titan comes with two Nvidia GeForce GPUs running at a frequency of 876 MHz. In General, the number of cores amounted to 5760. To provide an unprecedented level of performance is sufficient to buy a powerful graphics card GTX Titan Z.

4. GeForce GTX 780

For the GeForce GTX 780

The difference between the new GeForce from previous models on GPU GK104 – support Boost technology 2.0. The new version is much faster. Due to the increased power limit and the core operates at the maximum frequency until, until it reaches a certain temperature. In case the temperature exceeded 79°C, the rate gradually will fall. This is to maintain the set temperature.

The base frequency increased to 1116 MHz, and a fixed Boost value has reached 1267 MHz. Graphic memory left on the frequency of 7012 MHz. These indicators relate to the average category.

5. Radeon HD 6990

Radeon HD 6990

This dual-core flagship claims the title of «fastest single card». In the graphics accelerator combines two Antilles graphics chip Cayman.

Of all the graphics card XFX HD 6000 series it is very fast, users will be able to enjoy the wonderful capabilities of the AMD technologies, including Eyefinity, PowerTune, EyeSpeed and AMD HD3D with the full support of DirectX 11.

This card is high performance and good frame rate. Radeon HD 6990 allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of games.

The GPU is built on the basis of 2 x GPU. Modern architecture and DirectX 11 support to provide users smooth graphics and high performance even with heavy applications. Thanks to technology, AMD EyeSpeed video quality remains at a high level.

The cards were made on the basis of technical characteristics. In the process of testing cards, the results may show a slightly different result, so you should not assume these data are completely accurate. However, the ranking of cards is a good helper to make the optimal decision.

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