Ranking of dogs intelligence

A little more than twenty years ago a book was published «the Intelligence of dogs», which was destined to become a hit. It was several times republished and translated into many languages. The author was Stanley Coren, a University Professor, a psychologist. In their work, Koren draws attention to some interesting things:

  • The intelligence of obedience – the ability to training, memorization, and execution of commands given by the person;
  • Instinctive intelligence – responsible for execution of functions laid on the genetic level (herding, guarding);
  • Adaptive intelligence – independence, ability to cope with emerging challenges.

Low learning ability


In his work, the author has subjected the classification of dogs. So was the rating of the most intelligent dogs. Least able to the taming of the following breeds, Chow Chow, English bulldog, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Mastiff, and others.


Next in the ranking of the most intelligent dog breeds are those animals whose ability to taming causes a little more optimism. To master another command these dogs need a few dozen iterations (from forty to eighty). About a third of the dogs in this category carry the team, not forcing the owner to repeat it more than once. It noted bullmastiff, Chihuahua, the Skye Terrier, the Japanese chin is a partial list.

Average learning ability


Have a medium level of ability to training or the ability to run the command once with a probability of fifty-fifty – Pei, Siberian husky, Dachshund, German bulldog, Finnish Spitz, Irish wolfhound, Terrier, and others.

High learning ability


Ranking dog breeds by intelligence group continues, which has proved itself as able to execute said command in the same moment in the ratio two to three. To study the team will need to repeat it fifteen to twenty-five times. These include the giant Schnauzer, Chesapeake, Staffordshire Terrier, Newfoundland, Affenpinscher.


High ability to training, the ability to run a command the first time in most cases, the ability to understand the desire of the owner the maximum of the fifteenth repetition are: Welsh Corgi, Irish water Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, collie, siperko, zwergshnauzer.



Now it’s time to see with dozens of dogs, able to learn new team maximum with the fifth repetition, and in most cases, the vast majority of cases, to perform it immediately. In the tenth place ranking dog breeds by intelligence is the representative of the Australian herding dogs — they managed to bring in Australia. They cope brilliantly with their herding duties and is almost able to replace shepherds.



The Rottweiler is the ninth line of the top dogs in mind. There is a perception that these dogs have a wicked temper and a fragile psyche. Actually this is not true, their temperament is calm and diligence at altitude. This big dog has great strength and endurance, which is enviable. So they do not show aggression towards other dogs you have to train.



The next position is taken by the Papillon – a magical creature that exist about six centuries, they appeared in Belgium and enjoyed the love of the nobility and the wealthy. This fidget has a cheerful disposition and thrives in urban housing.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever given the seventh place is a athletic dog, has a delicate mouth. They are often used for hunting birds, as they are incapable of hurting the carcass of the fowl. They are devoted to their owner and happily respond to a new command. In General, he is able to memorize up to two hundred instructions.



Another breed of herding dogs is in the top ten most intelligent friends – sheltie or collie. She is the perfect guard, a diligent student, a faithful friend.



Opens the five of leaders – the Doberman . It is known that this breed has a strong will, so if you have chosen a dog breed, do not regret time for training. These dogs have good stamina, they will not fail in ingenuity – these qualities was the fact that Dobermans are often attracted to service in the police and the army.

Golden Retriever


Golden Retriever , cheerful and sociable dog, ready day and night to teach a new team, engaged in training, playing with children and adults. They are often used as guide dogs – they are completely non-aggressive, have considerable patience and easy to learn.

German shepherd


On the third place ranking is deserved German shepherd . Loyalty, courage, possessing a remarkable mind – these qualities brought the dog to work in protection, the police. They are involved in search activities, rescue. They are able to understand the command the first time, and to study it, they only need a few repetitions.



You might be surprised, but on the second line rating of the most intelligent breeds is the poodle . These dogs are able not only to perform at the circus arena, but also to hunt and to save. And poodles are of sufficient size, capable of becoming a full-fledged defence of his master.

The border collie

border collie

The first place is the breed border collie . A dog named Rico became the first animal which was able to memorize over two hundred words. And he not only saw, he understood their content. This amazing phenomenon has interested scientists and in the course of several experiments it was found that Rico could not only remember the team, but to make my own decisions. And when the experiments were completed, it turned out that he has a wonderful memory – a few months after the completion of the regular training he could repeat all what he had been taught.

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