Ranking of countries by military power

Compare the army of the States is quite difficult. Despite the difficulties in assessing the armed forces, the attempt of ranking the countries in terms of military power did not stop. Because of the constant tensions that are observed in the world these ratings are popular and interesting to the public.

5th place — United Kingdom


Of the total number of the population to serve in the army only suitable to 29.1 million people. Annually potential soldiers getting on 749 thousand more. Today the armed forces is 205,3 thousand soldiers, and a reserve of 182 000.

Service in the UK consists of 407 tanks, 908 LA, 64245 armored vehicles, 66 vehicles, and MLRS 56, 89 ACS and 138 are not self-propelled artillery tracked or wheeled carriage.

The size of the defense budget, some of 56.6 billion us dollars.

4th place — India


India is home to 615,2 million recruits. Each year a growing number of soldiers on the 22.9 million. Today the armed forces is equal to 1,325 million and 2,143 – reserve team.

The location of the land forces 5085 armored transporters, tanks 3569, 290 ACS, as well as 6445 not self-propelled artillery tracked or wheeled carriage, 292 MLRS.

At the disposal of the aircraft fleet, there are 1785 aircraft.

The Navy is relatively small, its location is only 184 of the ship.

In case of defense allocated about 46 billion U.S. dollars.

3rd place — China


We all know that China is one of the largest countries in the world. Of the total number of the population to services you can call 749,6 million. Every year the number of recruits increased by 19.5 million. To date, the service is 2.28 million people, about 2.3 million reservists.

At the disposal of the army of China 9150 tanks, armored personnel carriers 4788, 1710 ACS, also from the land forces is 1770 MLRS and 6246 units towed guns.

The number of units of air force and Navy equal to 2788. This includes 1170 military aircraft that destroy air targets, and 885 combat aircraft, is designed to act on the goals of aviation means of defeat. The implementation of the transport tasks involved 762 aircraft and for the training of pilots allocated 380 aircraft. In addition, the disposal of PLA 122 military helicopter, whose main task – the destruction of ground targets, and 865 multi-purpose.

The Navy of China is home to 520 vessels. Including aircraft carrier, 24 destroyers, coast guard ships (353 units), 45 frigates, 119 mine countermeasure ships, 9 corvettes and 69 war ships that move on water and under water.

The defense budget of China reached 126 billion dollars.

2 place – Russian Federation

Russian Federation

The total number of the population at 145.5 million people, and to service you can call for 69.1 million. Annually potential soldiers becomes 1.35 million more. The number of military personnel serving today, is 766 thousand people, and the reserve composition of 2.48 million.

In Russia there is a large Park of armored vehicles. At the disposal of the Russian army 15,5 thousand armored combat vehicles tracked, 27607 infantry fighting vehicles and machines of similar purpose, 4625 not self-propelled artillery tracked or wheeled carriage, 5990, 3871 self-propelled guns and MLRS.

In Russia there are about 3082 units of aircraft, including 736 fighters 114 military helicopters to destroy ground targets, and 1289 military aircraft that destroy air targets, 303 KTS, 730 transport aircraft, intended to deliver troops or equipment, and 973 multi-purpose helicopter.

The border troops used 350 marine vessels. The Navy has 4 frigates, aircraft carrier, 63 SUBMARINES, 13 destroyers, coast guard ships (65 units) and the 74 Corvette.

The defense budget of 76.6 billion dollars.

1st place – United States of America

United States Of America

The population of the USA is 316,668 million people by the army is only suitable 142,2 million, and about 120 million, if necessary, may be called. Every year the number of recruits is growing at 4.2 million. Today, America’s armed forces consist of 1.43 million people, and a reserve of 850 thousand.

The US army consists of a large number of techniques: 8325 tanks, 1934, ACS, 25782 armored personnel carriers, 1791, not self-propelled artillery tracked or wheeled carriage 1330 and MLRS.

The total number of air force 13683 units, including 2271 military aircraft, destroying aerial targets, 5222 transport aircraft delivering troops and equipment 2601 combat aircraft, which is designed to act on the goals of aviation means of destruction, 2745 training aircraft. In addition, the armed forces have a 914 military helicopters designed to attack ground targets and 6012 multipurpose.

In operation, the Navy more than 470 combat. This number is padded with 10 aircraft carriers, 15 frigates, 62 destroyers destroyers, 72 submarines, 13 ships of the coast guard and 13 minesweepers.

The defense budget is 612,5 billion dollars.

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