Ranking of children’s camps near Moscow

Perhaps many adults remember as a child spent time in summer camps. Modern children’s camps is quite not the same as they were before, but they are still fun and interesting. So many parents wondering what to take the child on vacation, decide to send him to a camp where the child will be able to maintain physical fitness, to learn new things and make new friends.

Children in the camp

Across our country there are a huge number of sporting, recreational, linguistic, extreme camps, which offer children a rich program of stay. Here the question arises, what kind of camp to send the child. To choose a good camp, you need to study all the information about a certain location (infrastructure, power, proposed program). You should look at the most popular children’s camps with a large number of positive reviews mean so much more than any advertising. Muscovites and residents of suburbs in the selection of a suitable site for the recreation of the child will help the ranking of children’s camps near Moscow, including the most attractive place for a diversity of programs and the cost of the stay.

1 Parsley

Camp Parsley

First place in the rating of children’s camps in the Moscow region is «Parsley», located twelve kilometers from MKAD (p. Valuevo). The camp is in a great location, next to the forest, and this means that clean air is provided. Here can come the children of 6.5-13 years. All children are under the watchful attention of adults, which help them to adapt to the new environment and find friends.

At camp kids can play soccer on a specially designated field, visit different playgrounds and a concert hall. Therefore, each child will be fun and interesting. This also contributes to a variety of circles. Another great attention here is paid to active games and sports events. For 18 days in this wonderful place the parents will have to pay about 24000 RUB.

2 Light

Camp Light

Second place went to this camp, which is very popular among children, because of comfortable stay here and the food type «buffet». Is «Spark» in 78 km from MKAD. Quite close to him there Torbeevo lake and waterfall gremyachiy. The camp opens its doors to boys and girls 7-15 years old. There is an indoor pool, tennis court, sports hall, dance floor, children’s cafe. The visit programme includes sports and creative days. Sports days the children are playing active games, swimming in the pool and competing in relay races. In the creative days, the children under the guidance counselors involved in clubs. In the evening there comes a time for dancing or watching interesting films. The child rested here for 30 days, parents have to pay 30500 RUB.

3 Euroclub

Camp Euroclub

On the third place ranking of children’s camps near Moscow – this camp, located about sixty kilometers from Moscow. The main areas are sport and linguistics. Vacationers are kids really like that instead of the troops of this city, who need to come up with the name and necessarily on the English language. Language learning is done through games, meetings of the townspeople and the singing of songs. You will not be disappointed from being here, and outdoor enthusiasts of these children are waiting for horseback riding and various sports clubs. One change is 35000-39000 RUB (price depends on the choice of the teacher).

4 Green noise

Camp Green noise

The camp health orientation. Located 75 kilometers from Moscow. The big focus here is on the physical development of the child. Here, however, are organized creative workshops, so the child can choose what he likes. The program of this camp may be called a large. Life is humming constantly rehearsals, concerts, organized sporting events, workshops, discos, selection of interesting films. The cost of a 20 day stay in the camp was 26000 RUB.

5 the League of extreme

Camp League extreme

This camp, which is located 74 kilometers from MKAD, especially for those kids who want to thrill. Infrastructure includes swimming pool, Quad Park, adventure city, a study area with computers. Children are offered the opportunity to swim under water, holding breath (free diving), jumping on spring stilts (baking), to engage in a treasure hunt or shoot unique video. Each shift is required to present its own theme. Various clubs and classes are conducted by experienced counselors who’ve been doing this for years. The cost of one shift in this camp – 39000 RUB.

6 United Kingdom

Camp United Kingdom

This is a linguistic camp, located 29 kilometers from Moscow. Here the child can improve their English, while not forgetting the leisure and the acquisition of new friends. Children can swim in the indoor pool and playing fields. Day program provides classes in English, attend master classes and play in the fresh air. Every child will do what he likes. In the evening there are activities where each child will be able to demonstrate the ability of the Director, singer, actor. Over a two-week stay of the child in this camp parents will have to pay 30,000 rubles.

7 KID club

Camp KID-club

This camp, located on the seventh line rating, located in thirty kilometers from Moscow. It opens its doors for children 6-12 years. For travelers here is everything – fresh air, beautiful avenues, many extracurricular activities, great counselors, who will offer an interesting program. The daily program is full of sports and educational activities, so will not miss anyone. Two week stay here costs about 34000 RUB.

8 Robin Hood

Camp Robin Hood

Eighth place is the summer camp, which is located seventy kilometers from Moscow. Here children are attracted to what is the main idea of the camp is the embodiment of the adventures of the famous Robin hood. So the guys have the opportunity to learn fencing, riding, archery. Here the children are waiting for exciting adventures in the spirit of the middle Ages. The children also play sports fields, walking in the Park, swim in the outdoor pool, visit a disco. For 18 days the parents will need to pay 30,000 rubles.

9 Baby Camp

Camp Baby Camp

This camp, located sixteen kilometers from Moscow, created especially for kids here are the children of 3-9 years. Over 10 children are looked after by one teacher and one assistant. For the children there is a pool, massage services, playgrounds. Because through games children get a lot of useful information, the whole program is constructed in the form of a game. Each shift is its thematic focus. A child can become a physicist, a magician or a character from the cartoon. The cost of staying for 12 days – about 24000 RUB.

10 Academy stars

Camp Academy stars

Completes the rating of children’s camps in the Moscow region the perfect place for active relaxation, which is located about fifty kilometers from Moscow. Here children can show off their acting and musical talents, athletic development. The program of stay included swimming in the pool, active play, dancing, singing karaoke, and crafts. In this camp children appear in the videos and create their own magazine. For the rest of the child here during the week, parents will have to pay 19000 RUB.

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