Psychologists have created a model of behavior on a date

Psychologists have created a model of behavior on a date

British scientists analyzed data on romantic dates. They decided to find out how to behave when meeting with a person who really like. Often on the first date lovers are concerned. What to do to the second half pay attention to you?

Psychologists have formulated a number of simple rules that will help avoid awkwardness. They suggest a good night’s sleep before the meeting. Long sleep on the eve of the rendezvous is the first step to successful date. If people spent a sleepless night, he’s going to be awkward and nervous.

Psychologists say that to give himself up should be 24 hours before the meeting. A hasty choice of attire and accessories will create a nervous atmosphere. Manicures, pedicures and other treatments should be done in advance.

The third paragraph States that women at the first meeting too critical of men. Therefore, representatives of a strong half of mankind it is better to behave naturally. Most importantly, the researchers note, should show itself without embellishment. For this you need to be yourself.

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