Pros-making and rules that are recommended when visiting the steam bath

The adoption of the steam bath improves the metabolic rate, affects the level of prevention of early aging, increases blood circulation, then displays the number of harmful substances (hazardous salts of lactic acid, urea and other products of metabolism), aktiviziruyutsya the exchange of water and salt compounds due to the excretion of toxins, increases the ease of operation of the urinary system.

Rules of visiting the steam bath

While taking a steam bath through the pores flushed skin turns from one-half to one and a half liters of sweat, and with it the present subcutaneous toxins. When visiting the sauna such positive reactions in the body are not observed. In General, its influence is reduced to evaporation of dry steam fluid in the form of sweat from the human body. It may even cause severe dehydration. This drawback is devoid of the procedure of having a steam in a traditional steam bath.

To the conditions of the right of the person the steam bath must be treated carefully, as they affect the level of positive effect of the procedure for the health of the body.

Ready for a bath

  • Before entering the steam room it is recommended to dampen the broom in water with a low temperature, to cover his head with woolen cap, feet – Slippers.
  • In the steam room you need to lie or sit on the first-stage steam room stairs 2-3 minutes and then, depending on health, to rise above. In the implementation of the first approach it is not necessary to warm up more than 10-15 minutes.
  • After exiting the steam room should rest a bit and take a shower, then dampen the broom in water with high temperature, will go back to the steam room. Broom should undertake a patting motion all over the body, then pohlestat hands and feet.
  • Experts advise to carry out the room with steam and essential oils not more than fifteen to twenty-five minutes, doing three or four events with fifteen-minute breaks. The most relevant right, the temperature in the steam bath to 60-70 C, in the sauna, she is 90 Seconds. Room temperature in 130 and above can burn the throat and cause cancer of the larynx.

What you can do in the bath

  • If your body is able to endure sudden temperature changes, you can visit the steam bath without rest breaks.
  • After the adoption of the steam bath, the physicians are advised to drink mineral water, fresh juice, brewed herbal tea and take a breath for 15-20 minutes.

The highest usefulness of such procedures observed in making them not more than 1 times a week. When visiting the baths less frequently, will contain a smaller positive effect, with more frequent visits, the risk of output exceeding the quota of useful minerals from the body.

How often can I go to a steam bath

Despite all the advantages of the procedure of taking the baths there are contraindications such as epilepsy, increased body temperature, heart ischemic kidney disease, which is accompanied by the presence of stones in them, asthma bronchial paths and hypertension, skin and cancer and other diseases in an acute form.

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