Profession jeweler — description, characteristics, interesting facts

Among the few professions that have endured millennia, the jeweler is one of the few whose status has not changed. Creators of fine jewelry is equally highly valued as in the times of Egyptian pharaohs, in the era of mass production and the global economy. Most skilled craftsmen were awarded by the patronage of high-ranking customers, for possession was fierce competition. And although today such intensity is not, the profession of «jeweler» continues to be respected and fairly paid. What are its features, and whether to devote his life to this craft?

Description and features of the profession of jeweler

The word «jewelry» comes from the root «jewel» is a westernized Persian «Jawhar», which translated means «jewel». The first craftsmen who made jewelry, appeared at the dawn of human civilization. In particular, in ancient Egyptian tombs of the First dynasty (from 2500-3000 years BC) were discovered some of the oldest objects made of gold decorated with lapis, Surdulica, inserts of coloured glass and other precious stones. Jewelry was also known to all great civilizations of the Ancient East, India, China, etc.

Over time, the technique of processing of precious metals and precious stones gradually became more complicated. If the first time the masters used colored glass gems and natural forms, in the future there was technology to improve it – cut. She helped to enhance the glow of the stones due to the multiple refraction of light on flat faces. Parallel to the improvement of methods of processing of metals in order to give the products a more sophisticated and varied form, to change the natural hue of the material, enhance its luster and Shine. At the end of the 1st Millennium BC, the craftsmen of Antiquity learned how to handle hard precious stones emerald, ruby, sapphire, and others.

Today, with the development of technologies of processing of materials and computer programs jewelers have at their disposal a powerful and accurate tools that can make an incredibly elegant products. And together with the description of the profession would be incomplete without such its features, which was stored and crystallized for centuries:

  • the profession of jeweler requires a lot of patience, since the master carries out the work with delicate materials — this craft is unstable will not achieve any significant results;
  • the jeweler must have excellent vision that allows to see the smallest details of a piece of jewellery, the most minor defects in the stones and metal;
  • jewelry is primarily the art and imagination of the wizard, then one of the main qualities;
  • the man who decided to link their lives with the jewellery, should be ready to master a broad set of skills – from sketching to casting and forging of metal.

Interesting facts about the profession of jeweler

As useful information, we offer you some interesting facts about the profession of a jeweler:

  • despite the more ancient finds, a real home jewelry business is considered to be Ancient Greece – here was first processed gemstones;
  • before entering the jewelry College applicant passes the psychiatric and drug test, as a rare and expensive materials, no one will trust the person with unstable mentality;
  • one of the ornaments of the avant-garde jeweler Gilles Jonemann was made in the form of an exact miniature copy of the wrench;
  • paradoxically, one of the most famous jewelers, Carl fabergé, who created for the Russian Imperial house a collection of famous Easter eggs, died in poverty:
  • jewelry is one of the few today where it is very common to transfer the craft as an inheritance.

The pros and cons of the profession

Have the profession of jeweler pros and cons? Like any other craft, there are obvious advantages:

  • demand for jewelry remains always stable regardless of trends and economic situation;
  • product masters are always highly appreciated;
  • jewelry making is a great opportunity to Express yourself.

However, there are some disadvantages:

  • making jewelry is always a high load on the vision;
  • sedentary activities can cause serious health problems.

Demanded profession of a goldsmith? Of course, the skills of an experienced master will always be valued, because people love to decorate themselves even in the years of crises and economic shocks. At the same time the salary of a jeweler is not necessarily to be high – it is necessary to make a name for themselves, which often take years of hard work. Many gain experience independently, carrying out orders in their own studios, others are trying their hand at famous jewelry companies, under the guidance of experienced craftsmen. Both where can I get the profession of jeweler have a right to exist, though the latter are objectively easier and more efficient.

Where it is possible to learn to be a jeweler

Perhaps after reading this article, you will want to link their lives with the manufacture of expensive jewelry. And here the question arises — where to get the profession of a goldsmith? Today there are many schools where anyone can try to master this craft. Typically, these educational institutions organized by professional jewelers who have the recognition and vast experience in this field. One of such schools is j-DESIGN.PRO provides comprehensive training in the basics of jewelry. Here you can take online courses and attend full-time classes under the guidance of experienced mentors. The training includes theoretical training on the theory of a jewelry composition, mastering of skills of designing and sketching jewelry, including using modern software and methods of processing of metals and stones with the help of professional tools. It is understood that in j-DESIGN.PRO of you makes the master, but rather the necessary basis without which the professional mastery of this craft is impossible.

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