Problems and advantages of a small age difference between kids

Two children in the family

Upon the occurrence of the child, many parents are hesitant to send their children to kindergarten. The advantage of this is that if you have children close in age, the eldest child will be in the garden, you will be much easier to keep track of one child than with two. But since the trip to the garden for the baby is a change of scenery, the absence of a mother, it can cause the child negative emotions. For mom this period of adaptation can result in regular colds kids. If a child is breastfed, it can be a big problem to send their children to kindergarten, because the child and at least two years, but requires mom’s attention. If the garden did not work, try to pay enough attention to both in equal amounts. It may even be in a situation where a single feed, you can read a book to another, that he was not deprived of your attention.

Two children dogodkov

About the choice of toys can also be differences of opinion. As one and another child wants to study at the same time, what is this new nonsense appeared between old toys. In such cases, it is better for small children to buy the same toys, but with time the understanding will be more possible to organize a joint shopping trip. Then the kids can pick out toys that they’ll like and which will not cause one-part interest. To avoid «sharing» of toys, you can pick up a great designer that will attract both children at once, and they together will be able to collect.

Fellowship with a brother or sister are another important aspect in the development of kids. Over time, they will have to play to go to one garden, rejoice together and to quarrel, to make common friends. Don’t need to protect children from each other in fear that they are at loggerheads can pull each other’s pigtails or scratch eye. Play a common games, allow the firstborn to take care of the baby: bring a bottle to a ride in the stroller (and, of course, under your supervision). If the family has an older child, the younger is much faster developing, begins to speak and learn than when communicating only with parents.

Children of the same age

There are main advantages of child pogodak:

  1. A small difference in the age of Teens will be able to play a key role in solving the problems of each other, understanding, support and companionship.
  2. Common interests.
  3. When you go to school, they will be easier to get used to a halt, as there will be a native man.
  4. And even the things that can go to legacy, there will still be in Vogue when they will wear the youngest child, which plays an important role in the family budget.

Of course, that raising children pogodak very hard, but a joy that overshadows even the greatest challenges.

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