Postpartum diet

Passed the long months of pregnancy, when many food products were banned. It would seem that now all you can enjoy your favorite dishes and foods, because the baby is born, but is it?

After the baby is born, almost all of its body is not perfect, still have adjustment periods and the full maturation of the baby. The intestine and ventricle is very weak, the only correct decision of a young mother is to breast feed (there are exceptions, but they must be justified by physical factors). Each product is eaten by the mother can affect the condition of the baby, cause an allergic reaction or colic. Therefore, the diet must also have more stringent requirements than during gestation.

Diet while breastfeeding

Diet while breastfeeding

In fact, the diet of this period is fully consistent with the basics of healthy nutrition, compliance with which will be achieved 2 positive effect: the child will be provided with all necessary substances without harm to health or lactating woman can get rid of a small number of extra pounds accumulated during pregnancy.

Products for dishes that need to choose, given the content of beneficial vitamins, the more, the better. From fatty foods should be abandoned in favor of chicken meat and beef.

Onion, pepper, garlic to 2 months should be excluded from the diet these foods cause flatulence and bloating of the newborn. Salt intake also need to be reduced.

We need to completely eliminate allergenic foods prior to months of age of the child, then gradually allowed the introduction of 1 product per week in small amounts with a gradual increase in the absence of reaction from the baby.

Foods that cause allergic reactions infants

Foods that cause allergic reactions infants

Of course, not every child and not every product can be reaction. It all depends on the genetic predisposition of the child, but there is a list of foods with high allergic activity:

  • alcohol should be eliminated completely still and for reasons of health;
  • oranges, coffee, chocolate, pea and dishes with smoked up to 4 months do not apply;
  • grapes, strawberries, red fish, mayonnaise in small doses acceptable;
  • walnuts are allergens, but also contribute to improve lactation, so it is recommended to eat a handful a day, in the absence of reaction in the child.

The diet of a young mother

First, drinking regime. The more the better. Adequate fluid intake with meals allow the body to produce enough milk. Suitable teas for lactation, compotes, jellies, yogurt. Milk is better not to eat, especially packaged. Mineral water without gas, or slightly sparkling.

The diet of a young mother

Cheese and curd to use at least 2 times a week.

The most important thing in the diet is a sufficient amount of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

What meals to cook during this period

Preference should be given boiled or stewed food, dishes for a couple.

Various cereals, all grains, except chickpea, so choose to be desired.

Soups cooking vegetable or chicken, sometimes beef.

Vegetable stew (can be supplemented with lean meat), pasta, fruits yellow and green, river fish and salads of greens, this is what you need.


That was not selected to power the main monitor the reaction of the baby, so a new dish, enter one and not more than 2 days. Under normal reaction after 2 months, all food restrictions are removed. But it is not necessary to forget that to lose weight in this period – not the best option. The child needs a special diet and lactating women consume significant amounts of energy, it should take into consideration the sleepless nights are guaranteed. Therefore, the figure should be dealt with after the child moved to a self powered, no earlier than 8-9 months after birth.

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