Policy and its types

Politics is the activity of state organs and management, coupled with issues of public life.

What the policy is

The policy performs a number of functions:

  1. If the interest of any social group is important for the government, the policy produces its implementation.
  2. Regulation of relations in society, and organize labor and production.
  3. Software development companies by introducing a new, but not leaving the old (following the development of the society).
  4. The search for rational solutions to the problems in relations between people.


At the moment there are four types of separation policies:

  1. At the target sphere of society. (Examples: economic, social).
  2. In the direction or scale. (Examples: internal, external).
  3. In content and character. (Example: arbitrary).
  4. Subjects. (Example: global community).

Consider each item in this plan to better understand these principles of separation.

Take, for example, economic policy

It is government action aimed at solving economic problems. The purpose of this policy is taking the economy to a higher and better level.

Economic policy

The main subject of this kind of policy is, of course, the state. He discusses and prepares for economic policy, and implemented by the government, i.e. the Executive. But it is worth noting that some public institutions can also influence the formation of the described policy. Such institutions include: religious organizations, media, trade unions, political parties.

The implementation of economic policy is carried out by means of direct and indirect effects. It’s simple: direct – decrees of the state, indirect – self-development.

In addition, consider the social policy

Everything connected with the improvement of the quality and standard of life, can be called social policy. Why is it so easy? Because there is no established and official meaning of the term. Social policy in such spheres as education, insurance, health, housing.

Social policy

The subject of such a policy is not necessarily the state, but consider it. The state social policy is to improve the quality of life, maintaining an effective healthcare system, providing benefits to some social groups.

This policy is implemented in different ways, but most often through social services. Perfect example of that is unemployment insurance.

It should be noted that social policy should be a priority for the government, because if you provide the citizens with good conditions for life, then half of the problems otmechaetsya. Citizens is the state!

Domestic policy

Called the domestic policy area that is responsible for actions within the country (laws, for example). This policy covers a list of areas: business, Finance, natural resources, etc.

Big politics

The objectives of domestic policy are different, because in each state there live people with different interests. Someone arrange same-sex marriage, and someone-no. And how to make the law? Side to be to the state? There are many such examples. It is worth noting that most of the successful countries provide good resources to the various internal programs, probably, it speaks about the importance of such a policy.

Implemented a variety of programs on domestic policy is quite simple. The law which applies to citizens of a particular state. In democratic countries ordinary people are quite unable to affect this kind of politics, and authoritarian – on the contrary.

Foreign policy

Foreign policy called the state’s relationship with other countries. Also, foreign policy can be called any case involving the state and international Affairs. The means of such policy is diplomacy.

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