Plitvice lakes, Croatia

Plitvicki Park is a unique ecological system. Here by themselves every year produces new waterfalls, change the outlines of the reservoirs. Gradually lowered into the water the old trees turn to stone and gradually become shallow with silt. In the lakes You will be surprised clear water, deep bottom, on which lay a petrified tree. To use the water for bathing in Plitvice is not permitted. Perhaps thanks to these measures, despite visits to places thousands of tourists, the Park still remained exceptionally clean and wild enough.

Plitvice lakes in Croatia

The national Park is at a height of 400-1200 meters above sea level, the air area moist, very fresh and even in his own «live». While in the Park, develop the habit of flavor of the wild forests, literally attracts the atmosphere of lightness and peace. The fauna of the Park Plitvicka not the European rich. Here found shelter the large number of bears, deer, wild cats. In the Park there are 120 species of birds.

Try to leave a screaming crowd of tourists and pave your own route, and you’ll want to stay in the Park as long as possible. Don’t limit the length of stay in the Park standard two-hour route, you’ll be able to miss the masses of the pleasant experiences. Shown friends house Plitvice lakes photos will be your best advertisement as a traveler.

National Park Plitvice lakes in Croatia

To provide you with the opportunity to visit the Plitvice lakes can be quite a large number of travel agencies. You can get here by bus. Trip to Plitvice lakes in Croatia provides for early termination and late arrival home. Posted questions that interest you the Plitvice lakes, in the interior of the continent, in North Dalmatia. Most will be a long route to the Plitvice lakes if you are staying in the West of Istria or Dubrovnik. The very same road there would take about five hours.

A bit on the road

Those wishing to make their voyage back, with a maximum level of comfort is the possibility to rent a car and drive to Plitvice yourself. To make this mini-journey, it is advisable to get a good local map, which will be marked with numbers of traces and all the interchanges. Not be amiss and that you have a certain amount of patience. The route of their movement it is recommended to lay on major highways. Better for traffic or use motorways, although the distance behind him and more than a different «shorter». At least on the autobahn you will be able to maintain a constant high speed.

Plitvice lakes, Croatia

Pave wisely the route you will be able to outpace bus travel about a third. Will not be superfluous for you to know that in Croatia there are many paid sites of roads. But believe me, even with the costs of fuel, user fees, toll roads and the cost of the rental car saves your money would be substantial. And the time you will save enough.

If you are an admirer of scenery, the long journey will not be burdensome, you can get a lot of pleasure from using the longest route. It is unlikely that you will meet on these roads a large number of tourists. Unlike standard where travelers go in droves. Not just the confirmed fact is the fact that after exploring the plains Plitvicki you for a whole day may not feel fatigue.

Plitvice lakes, Croatia


If among your goals is present overnight in the Park, there are plenty of options for spending time. A short distance from Plitvice you will be able to easily find three hotels that have a slightly awesome prices (room with Wi Fi will cost You in the range of 70-130 euros). If you pay the amount you desire, you can use the small cottages. For all this joy you will need to fork out 300 kunas (local currency) per day (or 42 euros). There are cheaper rooms.

The beauty of Plitvice lakes in Croatia

Justify Plitvice such a long way?

Believe me, 100%! Try to see it for yourself. Even the best photos do not give all completeness of sensations. The most beautiful places Plitvice, undoubtedly, are its lakes and waterfalls.

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