Pergolas on the site

Pergola – architectural structure that includes a set of light arches connected by cross beams. Pergolas appeared a long time ago in Ancient Rome, but to create them and to this day, including in our country. Having in possession of the smallholding, you can transform it into a real flower garden. You can use and elements of the gardens, appeared abroad. A distinctive feature of the plot may become pergola. It will give the garden an attractive appearance. Pergola can be a separate structure, and a building.

How does the pergola

To go to the construction of a pergola, you need to choose the material. It may be different. To build a pergola from wood, metal or even stone. The choice of material depends on taste of person. But each of them has its own advantages. Should look at them closer.

Wooden pergola

Wood is the most popular material for the construction of the pergola. And it’s not in vain. Wood looks great on the General background among the trees and leaves. For a given construction generally use wood of pine or oak. Another advantage of wood is that it is an environmentally friendly material. The tree also undergoes corrosion. To avoid this, you should be treated with special antiseptic.

Meteleva pergola

Optimal for the construction of a pergola use and metal. The main advantage of this material is durability. This design is unusual and beautiful in appearance. Metal construction less heavily overgrown with plants. To solve this problem was invented to combine the wooden beams and tanks made of metal. To give a beauty appearance is painted metal structure with waterproof paint.

Stone pergola

More than beautiful and rich look of the pergola made of stone. The process of creating stone structures are very complex and time consuming. The source material may be brick or carved block. Choose a stone worth considering. It is important to be in harmony not only with other elements of the landscape, but also with the vegetable garden world.

Bamboo pergola

Finally, a less common type is the bamboo pergola. Are these options very effectively. Despite the fact that bamboo is lightweight, load-bearing pillars made of wood or made of a different material. Interestingly, bamboo is not nailed to the base of the nails, and tie it. The size of the pergola made of wood is approximately equal to the one that is made of wood.

What is a pergola

After reading the above, it can be concluded: the pergola is a very useful and beautiful structure, due to the fact that is a support for climbing plants. Pergola is a great place for tea, reading or simply relaxing. In this building you can also find salvation from the summer heat. Pergola can serve as a Playground for young children. Thus, the pergola is a multifunctional practical structure, able not just to make changes, and to turn the whole garden.

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