Packages as advertising stretch ceilings

Increasingly, to attract customers, companies use different marketing direction. One of them is the logo of the firm on all kinds of products: glassware, stationery, garments. The company «YUSON» is printed on the Christmas decorations, magnets, lighters and other things. You can also order the printing on the bags is here to give them a small gift to friends, relatives, employees, clients.

In search of great company

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of stretch ceilings. The blade itself is folded and shipped to the customers in different packaging. We decided to order a large number of bags with the logo of the company, to immediately see which products are transported. Besides the logo on the package attracts potential customers.

Turning to the company, «YUSON», we found out that she is engaged in applying the necessary information on different packages. When printing, uses a proven environmentally friendly paints that have no smell, absolutely safe for humans. Labels are beautiful, bright and clear, they can be seen from afar on the package. The packages themselves are made of durable material, even after several times of using the product look as neat.

Although we already had a company logo, we asked designers, «YUSON» and they helped to Supplement our logo some elements. The picture on the package was a very original and unusual, it attracts attention and motivates people.

Order for 1 thousand packets were completed within 10 days, despite the fact that the design did not take 5 minutes. Website navigation is intuitive and all the information that you must specify when ordering, available written. Some of the issues with the managers, «YUSON» arose at the stage of approval of a final emblem, but it was solved via email.

Paid packages we cash upon pickup from the shop in Dnipropetrovsk. Courteous Manager of the company wished him success in all activities and invited to work again.

A variety of services

Firm «YUSON» produces pens of different models with the subsequent drawing on their advertising information. The company has sufficient stock of finished products, so wholesalers do not need to wait long for receiving their order. Own production allows us to strictly monitor all stages and control the quality of products.

Besides the production of stationery, the company is engaged in engraving, pad printing, coating, and the logos on the pens. Transferring images to products possible in different versions, it can be an inscription, figure or whole picture. Company «YUSON» is trusted because it has established itself as a decent and reliable partner.

Irina Kravchenko

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