Package of services to exhibitors at Expocentre Fairgrounds

Participation in exhibitions and industry events plays a huge role in the development of entrepreneurship , promotion of goods and services, bringing new innovations to market, and increase your brand recognition or brand. It is a powerful marketing tool, which allows for a few days to attract a wide range of target audience. The package of services for exhibitors, allows to significantly simplify the preparation of the event.

One of the largest and world-renowned exhibition companies is the Expocentre Fairgrounds. For the past many years, the complex does not lose the status of the leading organizer of international trade exhibitions and various national projects. The organizers will provide a full range of services for exhibitors activities and develop an optimal professional solution for representatives of a particular segment.

The service

Of course, every company wants to participate in expositions on a global scale. This opens up opportunities for business development on international level in the format of «B2B». In addition, it should be noted that the project is created for the participants of the various activities appropriate and beneficial conditions for business communication. «Expocentre» – the projects developed by professionals for professionals.

The complex provides a complete package of services for exhibitors. It includes the provision of the service for your own and guest exhibitions, as well as organizations that are not parties, but carry out activities on the theme of the project. It directly:

  • cleaning services;
  • printing of promotional materials;
  • lease of exhibition equipment;
  • accommodation in hotels;
  • the provision of multimedia equipment;
  • transportation of equipment;
  • providing additional sources of electric power.

The services allow to simplify the task of the participants regarding the presentation of their products or brand at the show.

The role of events in business development

To achieve the most desired result from the campaign can be at trade shows and events. This is the single most effective marketing medium that brings the buyer to the seller. Thus, it is possible not only to increase brand awareness or brand on the world stage, but also significantly reduce costs for the purchase of goods as part of intermediary companies is excluded.

In the formation of exhibition projects staff Expocentre take into account the development priorities of national and world economy. Participation in exhibitions is a great opportunity to achieve the desired level of sales in a few days.

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