Originally decorated a cake for children birthday

Birthday – a wonderful holiday. Every child eagerly awaits the arrival of this happy day , to really appreciate the original of the surprises that prepared him adults. For parents, birthday, holiday organization becomes a hassle. You need to choose gifts, invite guests to buy children’s cake for a birthday and to lay the table.

The dream of today’s children

Sweet treats is an integral part of the birthday celebration. Especially waiting for the cake on the festive table the little guests and the celebrant. The lights go out, all the friends and relatives of the birthday boy begin to sing the familiar birthday song «Happy Birthday To You» and then the parents take out a birthday cake with lit candles, to the most expensive man on the planet was able to make his fondest wish. What will be the surprise of the child when in front of him will be his favorite cartoon characters made from sweet dough and decorated with colored glaze. Without a doubt, every kid wants to get acquainted with such characters:

  • World-famous magician of Hogwarts Harry Potter.
  • The enterprising fixies Noughts and Simcoe.
  • The wizard of oz.
  • Inseparable sisters from «frozen.»
  • Cinderella and her charming lover.
  • Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka.

A cake decorated with figurines of famous characters in children’s cartoons and movies will cause a furor at the festival. Invited every kid wants to bite off a tasty morsel from this original delicacy, which even would be a pity to cut it. But there is no choice, extinguished the candles, the tea is getting cold, it’s time to cut the first piece to the birthday boy. Of course, he’ll be honored to get a beautiful figurine of your favorite character.

Several reasons why you should order a cake from experienced pastry chefs

Bake the cake at home by yourself is a good idea in terms of economy and Finance. That’s just not every woman will be able to create a work of art, which will delight the birthday child and any invited guest. Sculpt complex figures of biscuit dough and beautifully embellish them with cream only experienced pastry chef. It is necessary to observe all the stages of cooking techniques, find the right proportions and know the perfect mix of ingredients (caramel, chocolate, cream, nuts, fruit) to get a really unique taste. Difficult? Then you should order a cake from an experienced confectioner, and free time to spend on the trip to the beauty salon, because mom and dad of the birthday must also look irresistible in this auspicious festive day, when their baby was a year older.

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