Organization of charity performances for children

Not every person who wishes to organize a charity concert, realize what the true meaning carries the event. If the concert is to collect assets or humanitarian relief, the scenario of such events is quite obvious, because you want to speak to an adult audience, a desire which is understandable. But what if you plan to organize a charity show for children? His organization requires significant steps and efforts, despite its apparent simplicity.

Charity show for children does not solve any financial problems, it is intended to solve the problems of the moral and psychological, which are inherent to children from needy families, boarding schools, or the disabled. Such an event can not be false and strained, because children know when they are being deceived. From falsehood, they can feel miserable and useless. To hold such a concert, it is important to carefully approach the selection of the cast and their repertoire, and to prepare an action plan as a whole.

This article provides a list of useful recommendations that will help to give children an unforgettable holiday.

Prepare the room and plan events

Plan events

The theater begins with a canteen, a children’s charity event — with the outline of the event and the premises for its conduct. This plan needs to be formulated the main provisions of the event:

  • the exact number of guests for the concert guests;
  • the thematic focus of the concert numbers;
  • the schedule of the onstage actors and the sequence of their performances;
  • will serve food, if so, how many guests to prepare their tables and enjoy them, as well as the menu.
  • the list of necessary scenic equipment.

Create a plan it will be much easier if you break it into two or three parts, each devoted to a particular issue. For example:

  • The section on offer, their duration, and the schedule — it should give the sound engineer, who in consultation with the actors, will generate a music playlist and the type of lights for each room. Also, it will help to get the necessary equipment or rent their own.
  • A section dedicated to the theme of the concert is to give to the actors themselves, which will help you to write a script that corresponds to the subject of the event.
  • A section on the menu and the number of invited guests, will be useful to chefs and maintenance personnel, as well as the owner of the leased or granted of the premises where it is planned to hold a concert.

Having dealt with these organizational issues should proceed to the preparation room.

About training facilities

Depending on the number of invited guests, the concert can be hold in open areas, but inside:

  • district house of culture;
  • in the dining room or café;
  • in the premises of the club, and also at a private or public institution.

All training space is reduced to the organization of the scene, if it is not, as well as installation of light equipment in accordance with the measures for fire and electrical safety. If you are planning a sweet table or a small Banquet, the menu need to form thus, to get as less as possible products that can cause allergies in children.

Who can they invite to the party?

To have a playdateAs already mentioned: children’s holiday is not a reason to cut corners and hire the cheap and shoddy actors. Modern children are very progressive in their views, also very sensitive, and they recognize hypocrisy, disappointed or bored at this concert. If children need to communicate some idea or morally cheer them up – it can only be done a professional and outstanding personality. In the first place, it experienced animators, children’s host, compere, dance group, DJ, and professional magician.

Magician – the highlight of the festival

No dance, no song, no video and themed contests will not be able to captivate the children that will be able to do a professional magician. This master of illusion opens to an enthusiastic audience with amazing magic tricks and cunning tricks. Even if someone from the small audience gets bored, the magician will immediately involve him in the process of universal joy, with a few moments attention.

The charity is carried out with the purpose of the children’s concert is difficult to imagine without the magician. The performance of the illusionist, in combination with other interesting rooms that will give children enthusiastic feelings and mood. Whatever the intent of the organizers did not invest in a charity concert, the small audience will remember lofty numbers for them.

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