Nutrition: food combining diet

An important part of a healthy diet is the right combination of products.

To get the maximum benefit from the food we eat, we should know the digestive processes. Proteins are split into amino acids, fats to fatty acids and carbohydrates into simple sugars used for energy.

How to combine foods, proteins, carbohydrates, fats between

Many diseases occur as a result of improper separation of power and overeating, because food is poorly absorbed, as a result of fermentation, of putrefaction the body is poisoned by toxins and harmful waste. Indiscriminate use of various types of foods usually leads to conflict between them with the subsequent reaction that may be accompanied by mild disorder or serious digestive problems.

How to combine fruits and vegetables

Therefore, in order to ease the process of digestion it is recommended to properly combine foods.

  • Foods are divided into three main groups — proteins, carbohydrates and neutral products. It is important to remember the following:
  • Good proteins in combination with a neutral group.
  • The carbohydrate group also goes well with neutral.
  • Unacceptable simultaneous consumption of proteins and carbohydrates.

Main product groups: three of them.


All kinds of grain crops – wheat, millet, barley, oats, rice; all the products are raw sugar; fruit and vegetables – potatoes, bananas, dates and figs and dried fruit; sweet products such as honey, syrup, etc.

Diet and healthy nutrition for the body


Vegetables and salads – all kinds of cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, pumpkin, green onions, peppers, turnips, radishes, beets, celery, asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, onions; sour milk products; cream; cheese 60% fat; all kinds of cheese; vegetable oil; walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds; egg yolks; olive; brewer’s yeast; spices; beverages – herbal teas, mineral water, juices.


All kinds of meat except pork; beef, lamb; all kinds of poultry; sausage; all kinds of fresh fish; milk; all kinds of cheese 50% fat; eggs; soy products; vegetables and some fruits – mango, avocado and eggplant.

The principles of food combining

Animal products such as cheese, eggs, fish, meat products should be consumed separately, or to facilitate digestion in combination with green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, dill, parsley, iceberg lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and others. The best foods of animal origin consumed in the evening, at least 3 hours before bedtime to food are completely digested and absorbed.

Seeds and nuts also combine well with green leafy vegetables, in some cases, with tomatoes. They are considered high protein food and should not be consumed more than 50 grams at a time. Pretreatment is, for example, soaking in some cases, it helps to be better absorbed.

What is separation of power

Beans and legumes can be combined with each other. These combinations contain complete protein, which completely replaces meat. The combination of grain and leguminous crops is very suitable for people who switch to vegetarianism. The most easily absorbed foods – millet, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, corn. In the presence of chronic diseases are encouraged to eat only gluten-free products. Grains and legumes are best combined with root vegetables such as carrots, beets, cabbage, sweet potatoes, turnips, etc

Vegetables can be eaten alone, in the form of juice and with each other in any combination. Green leafy vegetables combine well with proteins (animal products, seeds and nuts). Root vegetables are well combined with carbohydrate foods (cereals and legumes). Acceptable combinations of certain leafy green vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and fruit.

Fruits preferably consume in the morning in the form of juice.

How to combine proteins, carbohydrates, fats

Do not combine protein and carbohydrate foods – milk, cheese,eggs and other protein foods is not advisable to eat with flour, cereals, potatoes, sweet fruits, cakes and so on. Sugar largely prevents the secretion of gastric juice and, of course, slows digestion, and if taken in large quantities, it can suppress the activity of the stomach.

Don’t mix fatty foods with protein, for example, it is not advisable to use sour cream, butter, milk, nuts, and so on. Fats slow gastric glands by delaying the secretion of gastric juice.

The principles of healthy nutrition and diet

It is not necessary to consume acidic fruits with protein foods, i.e. oranges, tomatoes, lemons, pineapples should not be consumed with meat, cheese, eggs. Acid fruits seriously hamper protein digestion. Milk and orange juice is far from the best combination of products. Orange juice and eggs – even more the combination.

Do not eat carbohydrates and sugar at the same time.

It is not recommended to use jelly, jam, fruit, butter, sugar, honey, syrups, molasses, and so forth in combination with bread, or cakes, together with cereals, potatoes and others. In addition, the sugar combined with cereals grains causes fermentation.

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