Night fishing for catfish. The hunt for a monster

Interesting pattern – as soon as the fisherman was going on «fishing», or the weather is «bad», or tackle prepared. And still have to think about it, someone today to pick up a trifle or have to go for the big fish. After all, every fish needs its own approach, its own fertilizing.

What to take for night fishing

What does «serious catch»? In this case, it is necessary to take quantity or quality? Big fish, like catfish, this in itself is quality and quantity depends on the luck of the fisherman.

Wels catfish is a predator fish that lives in fresh water, weights up to 400 kg. the Night hunter. If the fisherman has a desire to catch catfish, go to night fishing, then the percentage of probability to catch this monster increases significantly.

Fishing for catfish

Som, plus, the fish are stubborn, if caught on the hook a long time resists. So gear needs to be durable, able to withstand a great catch. Good option – fishing on spinning. Fishing line is better to put the thread, it is stronger and also invisible in the water. Fishing from the bottom, so you need to put a slip sinker, and its weight depends on the location on the river heavier, up to 150 grams, on a tranquil pond and easier.

The manufacturer of hooks and fishing line leash fisherman chooses at its own discretion, who is what used to work. It is necessary to consider that the catfish hooks should not be young, but already quite large taking is not necessary. The optimal size from 2/0 to 4/0. Such tackle can easily get soma to 13-15 kg. However, to the inexperienced fisherman should not buy expensive equipment and supplements thereto. If a big fish gets caught, it can break a rod, break fishing line or thread breaks bobbin – it would be a pity. In order to «fill the hand», you can buy cheaper.

How to catch catfish fishing

Catfish good «is» earthworm. The worm on the hook wriggles and attracts fish. But if the worm eats another smaller fish, it is possible to impose cuts. In a small, pre-caught fish on the back to cut meat – a good tip for catching catfish.

All prepared tackle: spinning, sliding load, the stopper to the anchor leash. It’s very simple. You can start fishing.

How to catch catfish, what gear.

Now it’s time to throw a spinning. It is clear that som does not go near the shore, he loves darkness and the pit. It is a bottom fish. Therefore, the load used is heavy enough, to be able to throw away. Next, you need to podmochat loose thread or fishing line, to stand or put spinning. In his hands did not need to hold the aid will go to bell or a bell attached to the gear. Some anglers love to catch «on the finger». It’s dangerous because catfish can be quite the jerk line and to deliver a lot of unpleasant moments fisherman – cut, for danger to slip down into the water from the dash. This predator is quite unique, very strong. Due to the unusual nature of his teeth (they are small, often in several rows, slightly bent inward), catfish rarely releases production, it is firmly stuck in the jaws.

A feature first described by the bite is rocking. He first, so to speak, trying to bait the taste, poebyvat it, and then sharply pull. When the catfish takes the bait, and then begin agitation – pull or throw? In fishing at all haste in catching catfish. Worth the wait. If it is not simply explores the refreshments, and had seized her, it is likely that the fisherman will catch it.

Night fishing for catfish

Hooking the catfish after a breakthrough or a strong tension fishing line, thread. But there is no need to rush. Som will not go voluntarily into the hands of the angler, he will resist, long «drive» the line in different directions, to swim for snags or pitfalls. The angler needs to focus and slowly to wind thread or fishing line on the spool if necessary, a little pitting her wound again. Finally a catfish on the Bank! The struggle for quality completed with the score 1:0 in favor of the fisherman. Oh, and then, on the beaten track, you have to fight for the number.

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