New building material – brick clinker

People have always built and will build. The only difference is in the choice of building materials that build houses and buildings.

Science does not stand still and improved. In today’s world there are many new materials in the construction of buildings should pay attention to them, furnish of facades and interior design, laying of sidewalks, roadways, paths and in the construction of spetsoruzhie.

One of the novelties among the construction materials – brick clinker.

New product - clinker

«Klinker» in translation from German means «brick». This type of brick is much better and more practical than its predecessor, which is important for modern high-rise and multi-level types of construction.

It differs significantly from ordinary facing bricks technical data:

  • Strength. The clinker determines the variation from 250 to 350 kg/cm. sq
  • Moisture absorption is in the range of from 4.5 to 6 percent. Which is an important indicator for the construction of the plant.
  • Frost. In terms of absolute humidity can withstand 200 cycles of thawing and freezing. It is a guarantee of durability when using this kind of brick in the Northern latitudes.
  • The density of the brick is not less than 1500 kg/cubic meters.
  • The maximum voidage of 30%.
  • Weight up to 3.5 pounds. Which involves the use of durable, reinforced Foundation.

Clinker bricks for sidewalk

But, like all building materials, brick has several advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of this kind of brick is that it is much more perfect, and from an aesthetic point of view, and practical.


  • Durability. A building constructed of this brick, will serve more than a hundred years. The secret of its strongholds – in technology that uses a special type of clay and firing. It is frost resistant, water resistant, shock proof and impact resistant.
  • Versatility. Can be widely used as interior and external surface finishing of the walls, and large-scale construction.
  • Aesthetics. Plays a significant role in the construction of the century in the artistic and cultural growth of humanity. To make the brick can be any color, shape and texture, which gives the possibility of rampant imagination, a wide application.
  • Naturalness. Natural and environmentally friendly product. The manufacturer does not use chemical admixtures, refractory clay, water and pigments. In a modern environment of large cities is a definite plus.

Advantages and disadvantages of clinker


  • Density. For use in construction the durable, reinforced Foundation.
  • The thermal conductivity. Very high, which promotes heat loss.
  • A large value. The price depends on the type of clinker, its weight and destination.

Brick for facing of the facade

Varieties of clinker:

  • Tile. Used for decorative of tumbling facades and for interior decoration.
  • Paving. Used for pavement of pavements and bridge surfaces, as well as the flooring inside buildings.
  • Clinker is resistant to natural factors, considering the environment, it is an ideal material for furnish of external walls, especially in large cities, where due to various contaminants, the destruction of the walls is much faster – a brick facade.
  • Water resistant. Used in almost 100% humidity, for example in Gidrostroy.
  • Special clinker. Used in the processing of complex surface shapes.
  • Ceramic. Used in the construction of fences, gazebos, etc.
  • Technical. Relates to decorative finishing of walls where you do not intend to use a reinforced Foundation.

This is just one of the many innovations in the world of building materials. With the development of science, they become more, they seem better, more modern.

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