Natural materials in the interior, namely the stone

The stone is the most common trend in the construction and interior. This natural raw material is considered environmentally friendly.

For many years people have been building dwellings from stone. In modern society, from the stone to make finishing plates, decorations, household items, such as washroom, bathroom, floors. Stone objects of everyday life surprise you with its variety on the consumer market. High demand the effect of «antique». Designers use this design often in residential areas, and in the office. Natural stone is the main item in consumption, due to the fact that it can look elegant. As well as being used for the interior and exterior design. Meets all the standards and norms.

Natural stone in the interior of the house

For all important, what we breathe, what to eat, and what materials you use. Before purchasing any material for repair in your home, you should think about its benefits and harms. We all want to be healthy and not spend a lot of money on repairs. There are many options for finishing slabs and exterior cladding, relevant to consumers on the wallet.

When working with stone it is necessary to know the physico-chemical properties. Some of the stones can change color when moisture from entering them, and others in the processing of crumble. The third can be destroyed with mechanical treatment, but recovered when grinding. So when you work with stone you need to remember what effect you want to achieve beauty or durability.

In order to turn the apartment into the Palace without problems, you need to know which kind of stone you are dealing with.

Veneer interior stone: how to choose a stone

Classification of stones.

  • Sedimentary. These include Sandstone, limestone, travertine.
  • Metamorphic. These include quartzite, marble, schists.
  • Volcanic or igneous (granite, tuff).

One of the most popular types of stones in the interior is considered to be Sandstone. He tolerates any climate change. Happy owners with their texture and pattern shades from grayish to reddish. Vehicle colors with proper lighting creates a feeling of warmth to the owner and his guests.

Its dense structure, the demand on the market is travertine. More suitable as floor coverings. As travertine has the ability to absorb moisture, better to use lacquer for flooring over stone. Its warm colors give warmth.

Stone cladding works in the interior

For facing works good limestone. It is easily processed. It is used both in construction and in processing. Colors can vary from light gray to brown. Limestone with the addition of shells is considered more decorative.

Previously, the slate was used as a material for laying roofs, now it has grown considerably in price. Due to the layered structure, it is used as a finishing material. Designers use it for interiors, emphasizing its roughness, different thickness, creating a three-dimensional illusion.

One of the exquisite stones is marble. More resistant to moisture, sensitive to the action of acids and alkalis. It is used for flooring, window sills, countertops, wall fireplaces, bathroom. Marble is one of the most exclusive finishing materials, surprising us with the variety of colors and textures.

Finishing material - natural stone.

The refractory properties of the quartzite. It is also characterized by high strength, frost resistance and heat resistance. Quartzite can be used both in construction and in industry. Quartzite can be used in the construction and decoration of any building, premises, it will stand for long. Quartzite structures durability. As well has healing properties.

Another stable rock is granite. He mistakenly considered difficult to understand, because it shades darker. Also, there are lighter, they are used for processing large volumes and becomes a good replacement of marble, and is symmetrical to the pattern looks elegant.

The tuff gives the structure durability, frost resistance, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Easy to operate. Due to its porosity suitable for decoration, facade cladding. The building with the use of tuff is very warm.

What type of stone to choose for walls

Also for interior use onyx and agate. They are more in demand for luxury jewelry. Are considered semi-precious stones. Very beautiful stones, but the price is considerable. Popular for its translucent. If you add more light, will look adorable. Onyx make beautiful countertops, bathrooms. This whimsical materials, such as marble, do not like contact with alkalis and acids. Better for them to buy tools to harvest without adding these components.

Due to its natural properties, the stone products have a beneficial effect on humans and the environment.

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