National taboo or what not to do in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful exotic country with a rich history and amazing nature. Here you can see unique monuments of architecture and to visit the beaches, which are considered to be the best in the world. However, the local residents, there are individually characteristic, and ban.

1. To wear outfits with dark color

To wear outfits with dark color

Meeting with friends, marriage or a folk festival you are required to dress very brightly. This is especially true of provincial areas. It does not matter how expensive your outfit is, as long as it was a spectacular, multi-colored and sprinkled with glitter and sequins.

2. Resent me if you will be called «my flower»

Resent me if you will be called

The people of Mexico will not change. You are a man with a big beard, but you still will regularly call «my heart», «my love» or something. But don’t pay attention to it.

3. Eat tacos with a knife and fork

Yea tacos with a knife . videlco

Any Europeans want to be considered intelligent, but traditionally, tacos should be eaten with your hands. To begin with, so much handier. Tortillas small in size, so they are well placed in their palms. As well as this custom. If you are concerned about hygiene, then wash in the cafe hands you will be able, when necessary, can apply antiseptic, and hot sauces will complement these precautions.

4. Tasting the sauce, not knowing about the degree of Hotness

Tasting the sauce, not knowing about the degree of Hotness

In any case do not forget that Mexico is preparing a huge variety of chili sauces. They can prepare any color, with the addition of tomatoes or onions, thick and not. Before you decide to try the sauce, ask for his sharpness. If you are hampered by a language barrier, take a look at other visitors.

5. To walk in unknown places

To walk in unknown places

Despite the fact that Mexico is a wonderful country, it is not safe. Try to be careful, traveling by car, as well as with a single trip to places that are far from tourist areas. Ask at the hotel or with the local population, as is the situation with the crime in the place where you want to go. You may have to take the bus for tourists or to take some circuitous route.

6. Respond with resentment at the delay, impatient to be

Respond with resentment at the delay, impatient to be

It will be difficult, especially if you come to Mexico for the first time. Take for example an ordinary meeting of two friends-Mexicans: agree upon to meet at noon, one will come with a delay of an hour, seeing no one, wait a while and go home, and in three hours will SMS: «I’m here, where are you?». And again they will meet only on the next day. Foreigners do not like this attitude at the time. But all this has a positive side, it is possible to develop equanimity and learn to not be angry stayed. However, this irresponsibility applies only to personal meetings. In the work of the punctuality stands for them in the first place.

7. Angry when strangers hug

Angry when strangers hug

We’ve just met and you already take? You just congratulated, and you kiss and Pat on the back? Forget about personal space and personal integrity. In this country, all communication occurs between relatives.

8. To trust the word «ahorita»

To trust the word

The translation of the word «now». If you say «ahorita», it does not mean that someone will rush to fulfill the promise. It is likely that this obligation may not be. There is another word «ahora» — «now.» This expression can be trusted, only taking into account the punctuality of the Mexican people, of course.

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