Mystical stones

Gems not only fascinate with its beauty and surprise you with their qualities. There are many legends associated with diamonds and diamonds. Some of the stones passed through many owners and influenced their fate. The history of the famous mysterious facts connected with mystical stones. We offer you to follow the path of the most famous ones.

«Black Eagles»

This beauty refers to the mystical stone. It involves a lot of secrets, like its origin and present location. One of the myths tells that the stone was decorated with one of the statues of Brahma, which was located in South India. History is silent, who stole the stone, but since the theft, entered into force a terrible curse. There is also no data about how he ended up in Russia. But, it is known that he has long belonged to the family of Orlov. Hence its name. During the revolution Orlov left Russia, and the diamond was brought to France.

Black Eagles

In 1922, the jewel was acquired by the dealers, and brought him to the US. «Black eagles» have not brought him happiness and some time later he committed suicide. After that, the stone a long period changed owners, bringing each of them into trouble. After long wanderings and the stone caught to the jeweler Charles Vinson. After buying it, the master made him a beautiful brooch, which is decorated with more white diamonds in quantities of 108 pieces. Jewel can be used as a pendant, this jeweler has included a special mount. To wear a beautiful decoration Charles has created a necklace of white diamonds. The mystical properties of the stone the jeweler had no effect. Maybe the reason is that the master ennobled and perfected it.

Necklace with stone resold to different people. Recent data indicate that in 2009, his owner was Mr. Petimezas, who resold it to the man, whose name was not disclosed. On one of the social events was seen felicity Hof, her neck adorned with exquisite decoration.


I wonder what the history of this mystical stone also takes us back to ancient India. The blue diamond was considered sacred because the locals took it for a tear of the God Rama. Stone as the previous one was stolen, and then moved to Europe. The curse of the diamond was that he should not only belong to one person. The consequences of the theft of the «Hope» was the plague which punished the thieves and spread to the whole of Europe.


For a long time beautiful diamond passed into the hands of the Royal family. Its first owner was Louis XIV. By order of the king stone was cut. Once the wizard has finished, Louis was overtaken by a fatal illness. Heir to the stone was his son, who also died. Everyone who touched this stone, waiting for inevitable death. The grandson of the king and his wife were punished, and all the «mistress» died under mysterious circumstances. Stone began to fear, as we have seen the power of the curse.

For some period of time the diamond has ceased to take revenge on their oppressors. In the robbery of the French Treasury, he passed into the hands of thieves, and later went to the family hope. The new owners treated him with respect and did not hide from other people. The owners of the «Hope» suffered death, until it was purchased by Harry Winston. The jeweler did not believe in mysticism of stone, but still gave it to the Smithsonian institution, where they can admire any visitor.

Many jewelers claim that gems contain power that can help the owner and destroy it. Therefore, buying Antiques, ask their story.

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