Mushroom hunting in all cities of the country

Mushroom hunting in all cities of the country

The press service of Rospotrebnadzor has published a number of recommendations on how to travel, and then eat wild mushrooms.

To rule out food poisoning, you need to collect only well-known mushrooms. It is not recommended to cut and take away forest gifts if they are worms, overripe or flabby.

To collect mushrooms, the CPS recommends that as far as possible from highways and industrial settlements.

Cooking the mushrooms should be immediately on the day of collection.

Regardless of the degree of credibility of forest wealth, it is not recommended to eat mushrooms for children up to 12-14 years (especially if this kind of food is not constant), pregnant women and the elderly.

It is not recommended to buy mushrooms in dried or pickled form, in markets and from street vendors.

Despite the fact that mushrooms are a good meat substitute because they contained protein, risks of poisoning by them are always very large. So to use these, though delicious, but extremely dangerous products with greater care.

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