Murderous inventions

People are always trying to improve the world, inventing a variety of new items. Some of them are time-tested, preserved for centuries and add to a Treasury of human achievement. From others there is nothing but trouble. Moreover, some inventions still manage to kill their own creators.

The victim of the «five punishments»

The victim of the

Li si lived in the III century to n. e.., he was a court of the first Chinese Emperor, the legendary Qin Shi Huang. The Emperor was outstanding, but also very cruel ruler and the court was a match for him. Li si think the inventor of a special kind of punishment called «five sentences». It was the fact that the offender at first cut off legs and arms, and then cut in half. Bad to invent such things – Sy itself, in the end, was killed this perverse way.

Embrace the «Scottish maiden»

Embrace the

The Earl of Douglas was one of the most illustrious nobles of Scotland, Regent for the underage James VI Stuart (son of the executed Mary Stuart). Perhaps he didn’t invent a machine like the guillotine known as the «Scottish maiden», but was just a supporter of its widespread use. Anyway, he was executed precisely.

The Titanic sailing to?

The Titanic sailing to?

The design of the «Titanic» and his brother «Britannica» was flawed from the beginning, which was an important cause of the accident of both ships. T. Andrews, one of the creators of the Titanic, was on Board the ship in his first and last flight. To the credit of the inventor that he is, though, and immediately realized that the collision with the iceberg will destroy the ship, didn’t panic and helped rescue other passengers. The designer, a kind of honoring the law of the sea, drowned, along with his invention.

The wings don’t always keep

The wings don't always keep

This thesis was tested by A. Vlaicu (1882-1913), inventor, designer and pilot from Romania. Aircraft of special design has brought him in 1912, a cash award, and the following year the inventor crashed while trying to fly to his creation through the Carpathian mountains.

On all pairs

At full speed

F. E. Stanley in 1897 created a steam car type locomotives. This miracle of technology has developed incredible in those days speed – as much as 43 km/h! It had failed inventor. In 1918 he was sitting behind the wheel of his car, lost control and crashed when trying to avoid a foreign object on the road.

The car with the propeller

The car with the propeller

Valerian Bakowski (1895-1921) sought to increase the speed of movement along the rails. They were designed trolley equipped with a propeller aircraft engine. The first test of a new vehicle on the road from Moscow to Tula proved to be very successful, but on the way back aviation crashed off the rails. Together with the invention were killed and the designer.

A botched spaceport

Newdale spaceport

M. Valle (1895-1930), an Austrian designer, was an ardent admirer of rocketry. Rocket engines he was trying to fix anything, including cars. Once the case ended badly, and Valle was killed in the explosion of another rocket.

Death race

Death race

F. Duesenberg, an American designer, worked in the automotive industry. Racing models created in collaboration with his brother, was a very good bill. However, the inventor crashed into the car of his own design in 1932.

Machine Fantomas

Machine Fantomas

G. Smolinsky wanted to create something like a miracle of technology from kinologija Fantomas – a hybrid of airplane and car. He, along with partner, Blake, managed to attach to «Ford» the wings of a Cessna. But nothing good ever came of it – both gentlemen in 1973, was killed while trying to test his creation.

Heavenly taxi driver

Nebesni taxi driver

Michael Dacre just wanted to solve the problem of traffic jams on the roads! He tried to create a «winged taxi», which could quickly and easily transport passengers by air across a large city. But during the first tests in 2009 all went wrong, and inventor crashed, falling from a height of 200 meters.

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