Multiple sclerosis – definition, causes, treatment

Because the symptoms are varied, then an accurate diagnosis is necessary to conduct research. The most effective is the MRI of the brain. The images show the presence of lesions, even at the initial stage of development. In the application of x-rays such damage is not visible.

What is multiple sclerosis

There are two stages of multiple sclerosis – exacerbation and remission. Currently, there is no absolute treatment for this disease. Doctors medical technique prevent relapse and maintain remission as long as possible.

Thus, there are two phases – the period of treatment and remission.

The first one is hormonal therapy that reduces the destructive capacity of the immune system against the own body. Also used a technique of blood purification – plasmapheresis. This allows you to remove from the blood substances that have a damaging effect. The main methods of treatment at this stage.

Also, on the advice of a doctor can be additional devices that increase the effectiveness of treatment.

The patient requires strict adherence to all appointments and recommendations of the doctor, if he wants to get the result.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis

In the phase of remission are treated to eliminate recurrence of the disease. Basically this:

  1. Adherence to work and rest.
  2. Avoid overheating, hypothermia.
  3. Do not apply a hot meal.
  4. To avoid colds.

It may be noted that it is necessary to avoid anything that negatively affects the immune system and could once again trigger a relapse. Also patients with a diagnosis of «multiple sclerosis» is strictly prohibited vaccination. For any method of treatment you need to consult with a neurologist who is watching.

How to treat multiple sclerosis

Summing up, it must be said that it is not necessary to despair and not to fight, as do many patients, because of the inability to heal completely. The positive effect of the treatment is only possible with the joint efforts of the doctor and the patient. If you follow all the recommendations, the stage of relapse may not occur.

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