Movies that can infuriate believers

Directors and writers that decided to adaptation of stories from the Bible – a rare brave souls. Risk the outrage of religious fanatics or subjected to anathema, it seems, does not frighten them. We decided to talk about movies, whose appearance on the big screen caused a storm of emotions on the part of the Church.

«The passion of Joan of arc», 1928

The movie that became classics, has undergone many tribulations, that we will think, not of God’s punishment. It all started with the fact that the Vatican saw in the drama of heresy, because the tape depicts Joan is not a Saint, but an ordinary girl. As intended, the tape, saw only the first audience, and then the censors cut the original version, which was soon destroyed by fire. The Director decided to create a new version, bringing her out of bad scenes, but in less than a year, as it was destroyed in a fire. Britain refused to film, explaining that the English army there looks unattractive.

Italian picture «La Dolce vita», 1960

Italian picture

Satirical picture Federico Fellini has a lot of interpretations, but they are all close to religion. Catholics perceived the film as a personal insult, for which he condemned Fellini. This led to the fact that the Spaniards could not watch «Sweet life» for fifteen years. Italy also tried to ban, but the ban existed only six months, after which the picture became the highest-grossing in the history of the career of the Director.

«Viridiana», 1961

The best film of Luis buñuel survived not medieval the wrath of the inquisitors. The Vatican saw the film incest, violence against women, blasphemy, suicide – all this has caused a flurry of emotions. Therefore, the film was banned in Spain, although the film won «Palme d’or». «Viridiana» was banned for fourteen years.

«Mother Joan of the angels», 1961

The film is based on a true story, when in one of the monasteries there was a case of mass possession of the nuns. Despite this, the Church called the film, which shows a stage of obsession and of sacrifice, blasphemous, is not pleasing to God, and banned its screening. And directed by Kawalerowicz even persecuted most religious citizens. But in the Cannes picture made a good impression and earned the special prize of the jury.

«Rosemary’s baby», 1968

It would be strange if the Church was troubled by this picture, because in it Evil, Good wins! Although even before reaching the rental, the film has caused a storm of emotions, the movie’s called slander God. The religious community has even started a rumor that film Director Polanski consults with the head of the Church of Satan, and the costumes are Satanists got the crew from true fans of the Devil. Of course, the Vatican banned the film, but divine intervention came to Polanski’s the other way – in the year following the release of pictures by members of the sect was killed by his wife.

The devils, 1971

The devils, 1971

Another piece on the events that took place in Luganska monastery. Like its predecessor from the Kawalerowicz film caused a wave of indignation among Catholics. This film showed not only torture, massacres and executions, the emphasis was on what became of possessed nuns. Nudity sisters of Christ, blasphemy, mockery of the clergy – all this just could not get the approval of the Vatican.

«He that casts out the devil» 1973

Tape William Friedkin was not just terrible, but frighteningly believable. Everything was filmed so naturally that many viewers believed that the Director must have at least been present at exorcisms. And no wonder, because the Director had worked on, even had advice from a senior cleric involved in the film best representatives of the acting fraternity and removed as wanted. The result shocked everyone, especially the Church scenes of blasphemies on the cross, naked female body, and even the ambiguous ending, depicts the victory of Good over Evil.

«Jesus Christ Superstar» 1972

Rock Opera was the fire and water before appearing on the big screen. Indeed, it may not shock those present at the dances and singing Jesus? Even the first statement caused a wave of threats and indignation of believers, and after the release of the film, the thresholds of the cinema became a place of demonstrations.

«Life of Brian», 1979

There is no subject over which it would not have been able to laugh the Comedy troupe «Monty Python». Even extra religious painting «Life of Brian» made a laughing stock of everyone who caught his arm: feminists, politicians, nationalists, terrorists, and of the Church, of course. The story itself is ambiguous, the main character was mistaken for the son of God with all its consequences. Despite the dissatisfaction of the Church of the brethren, the British enthusiastically embraced the film, which immediately became a cult.

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