Most unusual boats in the world

Among creative people there is such a thing as «breaking the pattern». This term can be applied to unusual swimming means that not much resemble the usual normal boats. There are still people who are not afraid to use imagination and realize the most daring childhood dreams!

The representative of creative professions from England, Frank Boelter is the Creator of the fabulous small vessel in the form of a paper boat. To ship such unreliable material capable of withstanding an adult and not go to the bottom after launching, had to use more than 150 m thick wrapping paper «Tetra Pak». Interestingly, in the hometown of the Creator of the original banned to experience the boat on the Thames. Launched the first paper boat in Germany, in Leipzig. After that, the owner of a watercraft after drying, the boat went on a trip on the small rivers of Germany.

The boat in the form of a children's paper boat

Designers with imagination Max Frommelt and Arnaud Mathias is also a native of England. They managed not only to invent and design, but to make a real multipurpose boat-bag. If you lay down with the ship is able to bend the plastic, then its size will be only 150*60 cm, well decomposed watercraft is a boat with a length of 2.5 m. As says creative couple, put the boat in just a couple of minutes!

Boat bag

One of a kind boat with a motor in the form of classical guitar belongs to pop singer Josh Rations. The singer came up with the idea, and the creators brilliantly embodied task: the guitar on the water is really amazing, not only great standing on the water, but it’s amazing how quickly «flies». Boat-instrument even has its pick! This miracle can be seen in the music video for Josh’s song «You make me happy».

Boat in the shape of a guitar

Designer from France Julien Berthier has designed a boat «Lovelove» the yacht crashes. It seems to mean that the boat’s going down, but the boat is quite stable and she is not afraid of the deep sea. The yacht has two engine, but in spite of this, due to the appearance of boats mishaps occur. For example, in lake Constance, in Germany, to save the boat rushed to twenty people, although the designer claims he repeatedly told the coast guard about the strangeness of his ship.


Hard to believe, but with this boat run on the water surface. The fruit of design and engineering ideas became the ship for two «TuFin». Its engine — stepper, conventional treadmill, known to anyone who has ever been in the gym. Oddly enough, spoon the climber can conquer the waves with a good speed of seven knots. At length the boat «TuFin» reaches eight meters.

The ship for two TuFin

The American company «Bell» was put up for sale a transparent vessel-canoe, which does not even cast a shadow, and therefore not spook the fish and other inhabitants of the rivers or lakes. Polycarbonate vessel weighing nearly 400 kg is 2,5 thousand dollars, and its frame consists of aluminum tubes. The boat is equipped with motor and oars.

Prozor vessel-canoe

In the Dutch firm «HotTugboat» you can buy boats in a bath of perfect different form. These boats tubs are made of polyester with fiber glass and have wood stoves to maintain a comfortable temperature of bath water, and electric and gasoline engine. In this kind of bath can «wash» eight, its capacity is about two thousand liters. Optional fill the bathtub with water, the boat can move on water surface without it, with impressive speed.

Boat in the bath

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