Most powerful laptop

The power of a laptop use it mainly for games. Increasing productivity in a short time – the main advantage in hardware for gamers. Producers of every month release new products in this field and the model, which today is considered the most progressive, in a short time become obsolete. Therefore, the most powerful laptop constantly «comes on the heels of» competitors, but as long as he does not loose its position.

MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro

MSI GT70 2P - Dominator-Pro

This is a significant and heavy laptop with dimensions 43x29x6 cm – its contents are not very conducive to cell movement of owner (weight about 4 kg, and a power supply unit 5 kg). Battery with 9 cells and a capacity of 7800 mAh is designed for wireless few hours of intense work.

The composition of components on the right gives you the opportunity to name this device the most powerful laptop. His brain, heart and engine – a powerful processor Intel Core i7-4940MX, whose frequency cycles is 3.1 GHz. And if you have a overclocking Turbo Boost technology, that will all be 4 GHz, but this is only possible, if not exceeded the allowable values of consumption, voltage and current. 4 CPU core architecture is created on the latest, fourth generation Haswell processor with 8 MB cache. Internal memory is 32 GB (4 slots DDR3L 1600 MHz) is the maximum volume for notebook computers.

All current graphic tasks Dominator Pro solves with ease graphics is a strong gaming card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M with 8GB memory. The bandwidth is 256 bits, the clock frequency of 954 MHz. Without load the notebook automatically switches to video in format of Intel. For data storage used HDD 1000 GB with three SSDS combined into RAID 0. And in addition – external hard drive 1 TB.

Laptop screen -17 mm TN+Film Matrix and the standard screen resolution FullHD 1920X1080 provide an opportunity to reduce energy consumption. All communication modules are available: Wi-Fi, Mini DisplayPort, Bluetooth, HDMI, VGA, USB, optical laser, the Blu-Ray drive. Full-size standard keyboard with alpha-numeric keypad and navigation buttons are perfect for play and for work. But if you love online games that can be found on the website you don’t need a laptop. And, a pleasant exception for a laptop, two speakers and a subwoofer that guarantees the very high quality sound. With this supply of resources forward-thinking gamers for a few years just forget about every possible upgrade for your computer.

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