Most powerful laptop in the world

Every year the laptops are subject to increasingly high demands on performance and power. On technical characteristics they have almost reached the same level as the desktop computers. The main advantage of laptops in front of a PC lies in their low weight and mobility, so that you can take with you on trips. Manufacturers are working tirelessly to improve the technical characteristics and performance level of devices, while seeking to reduce their size. In this article we will look at the three most powerful, according to experts, laptops of 2016.

Alienware 18

The Alienware 18

Alienware 18 is the most powerful gaming center. Every detail of this notebook is designed to provide higher performance. It provides a high performance heavy-duty construction, consisting of outer shell, made of aluminum and reinforced housing which protects the LCD display.

Sidebar Alienware 18

The device has a large display with a diagonal of 18.4 inches with a resolution of Full-HD. Huge viewing angle, brilliant colors create a beautiful image. The review can be increased by connecting the device to a TV that supports high definition.

The Dimensions Of The Alienware 18

Through overclocking you can instantly start to the gameplay, because the Alienware 18 is the most powerful to date, 18-inch laptop. High speed max 4.3 GHz provides powerful processors fourth generation Intel® Core i7. You will appreciate the huge level of performance and speed that guarantee the success of any undertaking.

A clear image on Alienware 18

Pair of graphics processors that provide high speed frame rate, sverhproizvoditelny will give you the opportunity to plunge into the exciting atmosphere of the gameplay. Module GDDR5 4 GB processor count of the GTX 780M will allow you to easily pass the most difficult levels of video games. Active environment, created by NVIDIA® PhysX will breathe new life into the gaming environment, and Adaptive Vertical Sync will protect the image from all sorts of distortions. Huge range of sound, high power correspond to a home theater. Implemented a pre-installed software Dolby® Home Theater® 4 user-friendly interface, through which with the same high level of quality reproduced sound for video and multimediafiles.



This model is a gaming laptop premium the MSI. Engineers known brand has managed to create not just a laptop and a real masterpiece, which has characteristics of no equal in the modern market of gaming notebooks. Being the most powerful in its class, this model works perfectly with all games at very high resolutions. The device is extremely convenient in operation and can display crystal clear image.

Side panel MSI GT80S 6QE Titan SLI

With the many advantages GT80S 6QE, it has one drawback – a huge price which is able to scare away most buyers. Some even believe that it is cheaper to create a desktop version with a powerful filling. However, the practice shows that the laptop is GT80S 6QE able to compete with a PC of similar price range.

Keyboard MSI GT80S 6QE Titan SLI

Included are the Intel Core i7 6-th generation come with Skylake platform, created on the most advanced technologies. Regarding the models of the previous series Skylake has a much greater level of performance. In certain models based on their basic set, there are Core i7 processors, can accelerate to 3.7-4 GHz and more.

Package contents MSI GT80S 6QE Titan SLI

Thanks to a feature called Super RAID4 that combines multiple ports PCI-E Gen. 3 x 4 SSD in a single module device transmits information at high speed (3800 MB/s and above).

Extremely high performance is ensured by the very latest physical architecture of DDR4 memory that can read data at speeds of 2.9 GB/s, and written in accordance with a speed of 3.5 GB/sec. This is a fairly significant difference when compared with previous DDR3 memory.

Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX

High-quality graphics provided by the count processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX, successfully functioning in SLI. NVIDIA SLI technology delivers perfect color reproduction and performance.

The display model up to 18.4″ and has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Rich color, excellent clarity, wide viewing angles, pleased with the bright image.


The asus g751 in the hottest horn

G751 with heavy duty configuration – something that is necessary for the connoisseur of video games. His NVIDIA GTX graphics card and a powerful Intel® Core™ processor ensures great speed in any video game. There are special keys for recording games, and the cooling system with a pair of fan protects device from overheating.

The side panel of ASUS ROG G751

For the convenience of the user in the design of the device provides a number of special details. To them, in particular, a great matte screen with wide viewing angles, a resolution of type Full HD, located under the ergonomic angle of the G751 keyboard. For instant access to the game tapes provided a convenient key. Powerful configuration of this notebook consists of the NVIDIA GTX and Intel® i7 4 core. The availability of instant acceleration graph kernel ASUS TurboMaster makes it possible to significantly increase the speed. For stable operation of the device corresponds to the cooling system, equipped with a pair of fans.

The image on the laptop is ASUS ROG G751

Due to the presence of output HDMI 1.4 a laptop G751 is compatible with monitors up to 4K/UHD, reproduce the image in very high resolution, thereby creating a more realistic picture.

Models of the G751 have built-in audio system with ASUS SonicMaster audio technology, which provides perfectly clean, powerful sound, and Bass Eye subwoofer makes the bass more powerful.

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