Most powerful air pistol without a license

In recent years, the popularity of airguns has increased significantly. Some people buy guns for training, others for fun and target shooting. But not every kind of Pneumatics can be freely purchased in the weapon shop. Most of them will need special permission. Most powerful air pistol without a license you can buy, and the choice of models is quite broad.

Laws and regulations

Before selecting an air gun, you should be familiar with some laws and requirements of such weapons.

Air guns with a capacity of muzzle energy exceeding 7.5 j shall be registered in the local Executive authority within two weeks from the date of acquisition in a licensed shop. Then you need to apply for registration of this type of weapon.

most powerful air pistol without a license

Allowed an air rifle or structurally similar products with the power muzzle energy not exceeding 3 joules to purchase without a license and registration by the Federal body of Executive power. For legal storage and use of pneumatic or sports-types of airguns, it is necessary not less than once every five years to provide the Executive authority, where registered weapons, medical conclusion about condition.

In General we can say that to purchase any kind of weapon you need to document or report that it is registered, or is registered in the local Executive authorities, and a document which confirms that the pneumatic weapon or similar does not require registration.

How to make a choice

Today we talk about pneumatic gun that can be purchased without registration, as well as what models are actual for today, and under what circumstances it will be possible to store, to carry, to transport. But first, we learn that in fact consists of a pneumatic weapon. The name comes from the Greek word «Pneumatic,» which means wind, as this type of gun has a ball type ammunition and the compressed air in the cylinder pushes the ball of the pellet from the store when pressed. Different types of airguns have excellent pricing and are designed for different types of activities.

air gun

If your goal is the usual shoot cans or targets in a radius of ten to fifteen meters, any variant air gun with a long rifled barrel, soft case. The acquisition of these weapons in self-defense provides the option of a more rugged body and design. The most powerful for a given choice of the gun will be muzzle power up to 7.5 j and on the market there are many proposals on this subject, as well as companies and producing countries, which produce.

Russian model

Among the most well-known manufacturers of pneumatic weapons with a muzzle power of 3 j are as follows: Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (Baikal), which began operations in 1942. One of the most popular pistols is – (Mr-654-23 K) — type pistol «Makarov».

pistol Mr-654-23

Anics A-112 – a beautiful model of domestic producers. The firing range of the gun is about 300 meters, the power of 7.5 joules. Among the Russian models pneumatic is the most powerful gun available without a licence. The magazine will hold 15 balls.

pistol Anics A-112

ATAMAN AP16 appeared on the Russian arms market relatively recently and has already managed to win the favor of many fans airguns. The company «Demian» began producing this model in 2015. The handle is made of precious wood and has a comfortable anatomical form. Trunk of steel with high rate of fire. However, this model is quite expensive – about 50 000 rubles.


It is impossible to ignore and pistol «Veles», manufactured by «Edgan». To purchase this model also does not need a license. Available for 4.5 and 5.5 mm caliber.

Western counterparts

Most powerful air pistol without a license is a firm “ Crosman“. The model is popular due to its quality, without the paperwork, you can buy a Crosman 1377 and Crosman C31, the barrel almost twice as long.

pistol Crosman C31

The German model from the company “ Umarex “ legend series Beretta air guns are considered premium. Made of-cast metal and quite heavy. Shop for 8 bullets, and it can be removed, like in a real firearm.

Next in the ranking are popular Spanish handguns series «Gamo», which gained its popularity in 50 countries, and a Turkish version of «Hatsan», which has a specific design and quite a lot of weight (about 2 kg). Gamo Blowback Killer-stocked double store and is designed for firing both bullets and steel balls.

the Gamo Blowback pistol Killer

Retention rules

After purchasing an air gun is prohibited to carry and transport vehicle with a weapon in a charged condition, even if it has a muzzle energy of 3 joules. So when transporting airguns, it is necessary that the gun was empty. Knowing all of these laws and regulations provided by the law of your country, you will be able with confidence to buy this type of product.

gun Hatsan

Based on the characteristics of popular models of pneumatic pistols, you’ll be able to choose the option that suits you. Most powerful air pistol without a licence will give you a shoot cans or other targets on the vacation or picnic. Such a weapon will add you confidence in security and will be able to get rid of the intruders.

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