Most loyal zodiac sign

Many people see marital fidelity as a limiting shackles on his hands. And so I think not only men but also women. But as it turned out, not all people are afraid to be «home».

Loyalty and signs of the Zodiac

According to astrologers, knowing when a person was born, you can understand how he is faithful. Women especially wondering which zodiac sign is the most faithful in love, because they often become «victims». Theoretically, every character can become a faithful husband, but someone this is at the cost of enormous effort and constant work on yourself. To evaluate the risk, understand what the future holds life, is to examine the observations of astrologers. So, let’s see what the most faithful zodiac sign?

The most loyal signs of the zodiac – the three leaders

The three of leaders includes Capricorns, Scorpions and lions. The first is clear, the pragmatism of Capricorn does not allow them to enter into a relationship that could bring them problems. In addition, it is the representatives of this constellation tend to suppress their desire to go to work or Hobbies with the head. Isolation and practicality of these people allows them to save energy and not waste it on random links. Therefore, among the Capricorns are not the most adventurous.


Scorpions, despite their natural sexuality and sensuality, too, are faithful. This is almost the most certain sign of the zodiac for men, like strong family ties are a passing fad. But it affects their suspicion and distrust of others. Scorpios prefer to «eat» his partner in marriage, because it is much safer and no risk of ending up in the victim role. Therefore, loyalty to the Scorpion – rather, a way to protect myself.


If you are looking for a partner and wondered, what zodiac sign is the most loyal, pay attention to the lions. Despite his passion, love of freedom and fearlessness in all, this sign is monogamy. Why? It’s all in the pride of lions. They don’t like to have Affairs with anyone. First and foremost they need a spiritual affinity, which they put above the physical, even though the Lions know a lot about love. If a man-Lion has a favorite, usually it’s fully occupied his chosen, not even glancing to the side.


As for the women of this constellation, they will never be at the same time having an affair with two men, believing such behavior is beneath his dignity. And what could be worse for a Lion than to let herself off the pedestal? Therefore, Lionesses often beautiful women who can only admire, not touch. That is what «most loyal signs of the zodiac, the female lion goes on a par with men.

Most unfaithful zodiac signs

Astrologers sometimes surprise us, and this time, their conclusion about «itinerant» signs of the zodiac is stunning. The first place here is the «home» sign – Cancer! And, ironically, it is these romantic and impressionable people often change their halves.


On the second place of this rating are Aries, also have a penchant for romance. Experts say by the stars, finding the perfect life partner pushing the sheep to such steps. Of course, the ideal is not so easy, so Aries people regularly carry out a kind of «casting» for girls from their environment, not caring about the feelings of the subjects.


Bronze our rating get Archers, which infidelity pushes banal boredom and love of adventure. They often allow themselves a light, non-committal novels. These sex-mad like their parts life companion, just as he loves football and the evening with a beer. But while his woman has to be feminine and beautiful.


Not in the list of incorrect characters to remember of Aquarius, for which the betrayal is an adventure. Aquarians change, absolutely not thinking that his second half might not like it. Cheating in this case, the same procedures as teeth cleaning, without any unnecessary feelings and emotions.


The most faithful wife zodiac sign

Who among women of different absolute loyalty to his chosen one? Here you will find a surprise, after all, the surest sign of zodiac women — Sagittarius. After they are Cancers, and in third place was Virgo.

It seems that women have with men the opposite is true, because among the infidels the zodiac signs are female Scorpions. Their heightened sexuality and sensuality just don’t give them rest and the opportunity to «linger» in one place. Not inferior to them in the amount of infidelity women-Scales, which usually change only once, unlike the Scorpions, which differ in the side hikes consistently.

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