Most famous paintings the world

In the world of the collection of paintings there is huge number of paintings. Some of the tens of thousands of paintings is recognized as a unique masterpieces, which have worldwide popularity. Real collectors are willing to pay for them a lot of money. But the most famous paintings of the world can only be seen in museums as they are considered heritage and culture are priceless.

Most famous paintings the world

«Mona Lisa» – painting by world renowned

Even school-age children are familiar with the wonderful painting «Mona Lisa», created by talented Italian artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci. The most authoritative critics recognize that the «Mona Lisa» is one of the best canvases in the portrait genre. It is believed that the painting depicts Mrs. Lisa del Giocondo, although this version has not been confirmed.

The painting «Mona Lisa» has always fascinated the connoisseurs of art. Leonardo da Vinci spent about four years creating the paintings. It is not known why the painting took the artist a long time. According to one version, Leonardo da Vinci intended delayed the completion of work in order to spend more with a beautiful Madonna Lisa, which was written portrait. In another version it has been suggested that the painting was very dear to the artist, and he worked on it only in free time.

Experts in the art believe that the painting passed through several stages on the way to world popularity

  • in the XVl century it was known only to artists;
  • in hVl –XVlll centuries the painting was popular among the French nobility and was in the possession of kings;
  • in the XlX century, the painting was exhibited at the Louvre and immediately became famous among the intelligentsia;
  • the theft of the painting, taken in 1911, and return to the Museum dramatically increased its celebrity;
  • in the twentieth century the painting was shown in many museums around the world, which brought her enormous popularity.

«The last supper»

Leonardo da Vinci is the Creator of another famous painting «the last supper». The artist painted the masterpiece on the wall of the Dominican monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, located in Milan. About three years it took the author to create some of the most famous paintings. To confirm exactly what work was carried out for writing the paintings is almost impossible. The archive of the monastery, in which was kept the record of the work of Italian artist, was destroyed. Only a few documents, dated 1497, and sparingly talk about the famous painting.

The painting «the last supper» had to endure a lot of damage and unsuccessful restorations. Recent work on the restoration of paintings lasted 21 years, and only after their completion in 1999, it was open for viewing.

«The Creation Of Adam»

One of the greatest and most famous paintings depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. The composition was created by the outstanding Italian artist and thinker Michelangelo Buonarroti. Painter for about 4 years worked on the creation of a masterpiece. The painting suffered many trials from the time of writing, but still continues to delight visitors with its grandeur.

«Starry night»

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh in 1889, was painted the picture «Starry night», which is included in the list of the most famous paintings in the world. She, like all the work of a talented author, is striking in its depth. In it van Gogh wanted to show people their vision of the world. The life of one of the greatest artists were not recognized. He managed to sell only one work, which had to live in poverty. Only committing suicide, the artist was able to draw public attention to their work.

«The Birth Of Venus»

About 4 years for the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli to paint «the Birth of Venus». The author was inspired to create paintings of the myth, which tells about the origin of this beautiful goddess. The artist finished the painting in 1486. The picture for a long time kept in the Villa of Castello, which belonged to the noble family of the Medici. Today world famous painting can be admired in the Uffizi gallery located in Florence.

«Girl with a pearl earring»

Jan Vermeer, an artist from the Netherlands, was written a beautiful portrait of a girl, which today is known worldwide under the name «girl with a pearl earring». The creation of a masterpiece is shrouded in mystery. On the canvas there is only a signature, but there is no mention of the date or the girl whose portrait was painted. Under some assumptions, the creation of the painting dates back to 1665. The artist managed to accurately convey not only the delicate features of the girl’s face, but also to show the emotions she experienced in that moment.

«Night watch»

The list of most famous paintings would be incomplete without the work of the Dutch artist Rembrandt. A masterpiece creation was initiated by members of the Small community. The captain of the civilian militia commissioned artist collective portrait and paid for 1600 florins. Picture many times spoiled, and even tried to destroy. But every time thanks to the talented restorers, the painting retained its beauty. Today, the picture is displayed in the State Museum of the Netherlands. Inspired by the story of a masterpiece, the Museum staff created a show in which participants copied the characters in the film.

«Water lilies»

World famous painting «Water lilies» by French painter Claude Oscar Monet. The artist himself created on the land meadows a perfect pond in which were growing wonderful lilies. He was captured by the beauty of a truly magical place, and depicted him in a series of his paintings. Critics argue that the painting of Monet’s «Water lilies» there is almost no line separating realism and abstraction.

«The ninth wave»

In the list of most famous paintings include «the Ninth wave» by Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky. The painter was able to convey the power of the water element, which destroys everything in its path. The artist also managed to convey the aspirations of the people who survived the crash of the ship, trying to swim to shore, struggling with huge waves. Admire the masterpiece in the State Russian Museum.

«The persistence of memory»

One of the most famous paintings is the work «the Persistence of memory» by Spanish painter Salvador Dali. The canvas depicts the flowing of softened clock, which seem to divert from the generally accepted understanding of time. The idea for the plot originated from the artist after thinking about Camembert cheese. The painting is mesmerizing in its depth. Once is enough to admire the masterpiece to remember him for life.

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