Most bizarre toys for children

Since prehistoric times our ancestors did for their children toys. However, then it was the bones of dead animals, carved out of wood or carved stone figures of animals and birds. But any change for the kid was supposed to bring joy, with her help, he learned something new or have acquired the necessary skills. Since then, toys have changed greatly and not always for the better. The most bizarre toys from time to time appear on the shelves of children’s shops, not only do not buy to the child, and even show.

The strangest toys

Toys in the form of internal organs

One would assume that the creators of these cuddly toys in the form of internal organs pursued a very good purpose. Heart, liver, pancreas, kidney – instead of the usual plush bunnies and bears. Who knows, maybe the children who had to play with such a miracle of human thought, grow brilliant pathologists.

American Wendy Bryan, who came up with these toys, says it might look like the internal organs of the characters of children’s favorite cartoon «Hello Kitty». But it is unlikely a young child so I wonder what is in the belly of his favorite cartoon character.

Toys - internal organs

Despite the absurdity of such toys in USA they are very popular. Moreover, they give not only kids, but adults respectable people who have diseases of the internal organs. The Americans give to their friends who have lost any authority after the surgery, his plush, smiling counterpart. It is difficult to say whether this toy can replace a real heart or gallbladder, but one thing is clear – children must be protected from such toys.

Ugly doll – join the beautiful childhood

In Soviet times, the selection of toys for children was small, but certainly you wouldn’t have met in a Children’s doll, which even in the hands of disgusting to take. Series of dolls uglydolls are on sale only at special sites, visible designers, craftswomen are hesitant to put their masterpieces on the shelves.

The chief of these monsters is Jiro – strange creature of dirty-green colour with the other eye. Just a collection of about a hundred types of different dolls, one more beautiful than the other. Some do not have the eyes and nose, while others are happy owners of three eyes. One common item that integrates all these strange creatures – view, not expressing any emotions. Usually, this expression is either mentally ill people or drug addicts.

Ugly doll

The Creator of the strangest toys – American David Horvath. His first monster he made up for his bride and convinced her that Weg (the name drawn character) will be their mascot, which will help to realize all their dreams and desires. It is not strange, but the Chinese sun-Min Kim are very excited by this gift and made the sketch first plush monster. So, gradually, the couple began to make toys to order and to expand the number of characters. And it should be noted that clients such toy they have is enough.

Erwin is patient for young surgeons

Maybe your child dreams of becoming a great surgeon? Doll Little patient Erwin will help your child to learn all the details of the medical craft. Under the hospital gown, which dressed doll, there is a zipper. If you open this «snake», from the abdomen Erwin fall out the internal organs of plush.

Little patient Erwin

The insides can be removed from the doll and looked away. But to shove them back, you need to have a view as they are located in the human body. If you put them wrong, they will just fall out back. Can some share in the learning process this is, but not every child will like to dig in the belly of a doll.

Plush microbes

But these toys are more suitable for future microbiologists and geneticists. Although childhood is designed for plush giant microbes children don’t know. But the developers of the line of such toys think of their creations very useful for the development of the child.

Plush microbes

Cells, viruses, microbes, which in real life can only be seen under a microscope, enlarged several hundred times, and now your little one can play, for example, with the plague virus. Among them are quite harmless – cell DNA.

Doll -babies

If well-known scientists will be the only one, then my mom is almost every woman. Manufacturers of dolls-babies believe that to breastfeed you need to learn in early childhood.



Now any girl can try yourself in the role of mother. Using a special nipple that is attached to the child’s clothing, feed the doll, which is not much different from a living baby. Only question-whether it is to children and how these toys will have an impact on the immature child’s psyche?

Toys – food chain

In nature there is such a thing as a food chain, when the more powerful individuals dine their weaker neighbors. Since 2008, this principle can be seen by any kid, who will fall into the hands of plush creatures from the planet Daro.

Toys - food chain

The most amazing toy can be a single entity, and you can play them separately. The smallest and weakest of the set easily fit in the mouth of the larger characters of the story. This principle is somewhat reminiscent of our dolls, but with a more violent slant.

Designer toys

Any designer or artist is a creative person. But sometimes, this creativity does not fit into the normal understanding of the people, and especially children. The strangest toy designer Joshua Ben Longo live in a dream country – Lengalenga. It’s a strange monsters who have no eyes, nose and limbs, but there is always a huge mouth with ugly teeth.

Designer toys

Judging by what the designer says that when you create each toy, he sings songs and talks with his creation, the question of sanity of this person remains open.

Toys - monsters

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