Monuments that evoke tears and sadness

Works of art are always concerned about people’s feelings. Most make you think about life, and sometimes cause uncontrollable tears. In our world there are many monuments, when you look at that lump in the throat. Men and women, knowing the plot and the backstory of some of the sculptures, genuinely crying, not trying to restrain their emotions.

1. In Slovakia, a monument to children who are not destined to appear in this world. Crystal baby reaching handle to the head of the weeping mother. It’s like he wants to pity her and comfort her.

A monument to unborn children in Slovakia

2. Surgut also erected a monument to the «Unborn children», which repeats the story of the previous monument.

The monument in Surgut

3. In Budapest, capital of Hungary,in 2005-m to year was opened a touching memorial to the dead Jews. On the Danube promenade lined up in a row of 60 pairs of shoes: adults and children. In this place during the great Patriotic war the Nazis exterminated the Jews. German soldiers were forced to remove their shoes and bound by chains of people standing in the line. This was followed by a shot of one of the prisoners, and he was falling into the river dead. Accordingly, all other living people fell into the water after him, because a huge chain did not spare anyone. Years later lone boots and shoes, which is located on the edge of the embankment, continue to excite the hearts of millions of people.

Shoes on the Danube promenade

4. In Berlin, on Bebelplatz square created a unique monument, devoted to the books burned in 1933. In may of that year, Nazi students ruthlessly destroyed a variety of literature. Today on the pavement under the transparent glass located the empty shelves that make you think of each person on the great importance of books to society.

The monument was destroyed books in Germany

5. A lot of people with tears in their eyes watched the feature film «Hachiko» based on real events. With the distant 1934 at Shibuya station attracted the attention of passers-by frozen dog. This monument is dedicated to four-legged friend of a man who almost 10 years waiting for his beloved master near the station. Unfortunately, the husband died suddenly, and loyal dog to the end of his days waiting for the one that truly loves.

The Monument Of Hachiko

6. In Saint-Petersburg on the territory of the Federal state budget institution «scientific research Institute of experimental medicine,» erected a monument to the animals who took part in various scientific experiences and experiments. «Pavlov’s dog» stands proudly on the pedestal.

A monument to Pavlov's dog in St. Petersburg

7. In Minsk is a touching monument dedicated to the tragic events of a single day. In 1999, during the traditional celebration of schoolchildren who finish school, it started pouring rain. People in panic tried to take refuge in the nearest underpass. There was a stampede, during which he killed many teenagers. According to official data there were 53 victims. Monument girl with an umbrella full of holes daily reminds about human indifference and carelessness.

Girl with umbrella

8. In Riga, there is a magnificent memorial dedicated to children killed in the womb. Because these little people could be among us.

A monument to unborn children in Riga

9. There is an enormous amount of post-war monuments. However, some of them cause chills and strong emotions. So, in the Hut erected a memorial complex dedicated to the villagers who were killed merciless Nazis. Exhausted the old man is holding a child’s body. In his eyes, read the pain and horror of the events.

The memorial complex in Khatyn

10. Mamaev Kurgan reminds people of the fierce battles of 1942-1943. During the battle of Stalingrad killed a huge number of Soviet soldiers.

Mamaev Kurgan and the grass he

11. In Saint-Petersburg Victory Park is a stele, which affects the younger generation because of its content. Here you can read more about the secret decision of the Leningrad city Council of deputies on the burning of corpses.

Stele in the Moscow Victory Park in St. Petersburg

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